Jan. 6th, 2011

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You know how Superman flies: arms out in front, feet directly out behind. Now picture doing this suspended only by a strap hooked off to the wall behind you, the strap resting on the top of your hip bones and your feet out straight on the wall behind you.

I flew like Superman today in yoga. My instructor too the time to tailor the straps for my considerable lack of flexibility and the fact I weigh a lot more than most of the folks in class, but I did it. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not svelt by any means. Never have been. But ... wow!

We also did these two today.

I can't believe I actually *did* it. And not once, but repeated it a couple of times. Scared the crap out of me. She assures me we won't be doing a lot of wall poses because they take a fair amount of time to set up, do and recover from, but I'm guessing she'll throw this sort of thing at us from time to time.

I *still* can't believe I flew like Superman. I must trust my instructor a lot.


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