Feb. 28th, 2011

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Clif Bars or anything made by Boca

Not saying I wouldn't come to hate them over a period of time, but I could live on them and if I passed them on to family, friends, the local food bank, etc, I'd know I've given a good product.
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I noticed that my local Y was offering line dance classes twice a week [Monday morning and Friday afternoon-evening]. So I thought "Why not?" I can't keep up with an entire class of Zumba and I loved folk dancing many years ago. So... okay... I can do the typical Y 30-45" class.

Okay - revised opinion. An hour and a half non-stop of leaning new dances one right after the other. I have found totally new places to hurt that have been yet untouched by either the treadmill or yoga.

Plan to go back Friday. :}
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Okay - I know that UST is the sort of thing that sells programs. And 'Castle' would probably jump the shark if those two ever figured out who they *really* want to be with.

But ... Day-yam! It's painful to watch those two dance around each other.


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