May. 13th, 2011

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Sorta-kinda a follow-up on my little escapade in the local ER and the 'bus' ride up to the ER at Boise. Not coming as any surprise, my VA doc ordered a cardiac stress test which I took last Tuesday. But coming as a bit of a surprise to me,I didn't get a clear pass. Now in my favor, the cardiologist did the whole ' It's most likely a false positive test'. I tossed the occasional PVC. No runs of them. No doubles or triples, just one every now and then. [FWIW: I have a history of having done that a time or two in my past and they seemed to clear up on their own. The guess back then was stress and too much caffeine. ] And they weren't anything I felt during the test.

And yes, I looked over the EKG myself, not that I'm an expert at reading them, but I can pick out the major problems fairly well. For those of a medical bent out there, these looked like the occasional unifocal PVC. No change in atrial rate,no inverted P wave, no T wave depression, no QRS notching. Just the occasional 'bloop' rather then the expected 'blip'

On research done once I got home, I'm in the perfect category for a 'false positive': female, coming up on 60, etc. The VA cardio said that 20% of stress tests can run a false positive, especially in my gender and age group and when those 20% are followed up with other testing only about 1 in 10 actually have a cardiovascular problem. So actually I'm considering those good odds if I've figured the math right [20% = 1 in 10 and then 1 in 10 comes out to 1 in 100]. Considering I'm working out on the treadmill at the Y [albeit not running, but a brisk walk], line dancing twice a week and mowing the lawn here [which take 2 hours if I go non-stop with one water break in the middle], I think I'm in fair shape. But on May 31st, I get to do this: thallium isotope stress test or the local VA equivalent.

Oh joy.

But it beats the heck out of getting a catheter in my crotch [ ie: cardiac catheterization] which I am adamantly against unless someone can give me so solid reasons to do so. 'Just Because' is not good enough right now.

So we'll see.

Carry on....


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