Aug. 2nd, 2011

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I've just fallen head first into *another* TV fandom. The sad part is it's for a TV Show that's not even on TV. It doesn't even exist!


Welcome to "The Shadow Unit" - the greatest television show that never existed.

[Lifted right from 'The Shadow Unit' wiki]
Shadow Unit is an action-adventure police procedural with fantasy elements. The series documents the work of the Anomalous Crimes Task Force, part of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Launched in 2008, Shadow Unit's first season featured a teaser (Beginning) followed by eight episodes including a multipart season finale. Season 2 also contained eight episodes; both seasons have multiple DVD extras associated with them.

Shadow Unit is currently in Season 3; a fourth season is planned.

It's all they're faults! List of Shadow Unit's Powers That Be.

Go here and see what Emma Bull says about the Shadow Unit's origin.

I am/have been a Trekkie, a Browncoat, a Bab-Fiver, a Gater, an Atlantian, oh hell, a whole bunch of 'titles'. but now you can add being a 'Delta' to that.

Sheesh! Just when I thought it was safe to stick my head out of the water. Or, in my case, my Kindle.


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