Aug. 16th, 2011

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If You Won The Lottery…

** Would You Still Work?

I don't work now. That whole 'disability' thing. But I'd go back to school and take classes in things I've always wanted to but didn't let myself take because it would either be 'a waste of money' or 'taking money away from the family'.

Hell, I might even go for my MD.

** Would You Care What People Think?

Sadly, I'm pre-programmed to care what people think. I think it's genetic. it's definitely 'nuture and nature'. But I think being financially free might help decrease that a bit.

** Would You Share With Your Family?

Damn skippy straight! Bills paid. Homes paid off. Trust funds set up for kids education.

Hum ... let me clarify this. My 'In Law' family and my 'Family of Choice'. The only remandier of my 'blood family' is one sister and she can figure out her own life. She was never there for me and pretty much only came to me to further her own projects and needs. I'm not going to bail her out anymore. I've done that enough in the past.

And there would be several charities that would be getting a regular donation.

** Would You Still Live on a Budget?

Yeah. I'd have help figuring it out [financial adviser] because there are times my head starts whispering 'There's no therapy like retail therapy'. But without a budget things go wonky.

But if the bills are pretty much paid off / taken care of, my budget would be a lot bigger. ;}

** Would You Splurge?

Again, damn skippy! But I'd honestly try to stop and think of things that would be a good splurge. A new laptop. A new bed [YEAH!]. Heck, a paid for house somewhere. It wouldn't have to be big, just well laid out.


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