Sep. 25th, 2011

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Just in case anyone had any doubts, 20" of straight suspension training really can not only make you barely able to move the next day but can make you a bit sick to your stomach as well. My bod is a bit 'delicate' today.

The local Y had an 'Intro to TRX' free session yesterday and I signed up for it. It didn't feel bad at the time and I was doing a lot better then I thought I could do, so I pushed it until muscle exhaustion said 'Stop!'. Like 'wobbly legs, B/P drop' stop. I'm now up to an hour on the treadmill at 3.5 mph and a 3.5% grade with a h/r of no more then 110/min. Considering last Jan I was lucky to do 15" at 1.5 mph and 0% and hitting 126/m easily, that's good.

However, 20" of something so totally new to me was a 'Bad Idea' [tm].

The expectations of my alligator ego could not stand up to the abilities of my hummingbird ass.

I feel like 'the day after the yearly PT test' when I hadn't trained at all for it. Like '600mg ibuprofen and 500mg acetaminophen in one dose[*] and limping around like there isn't a major muscle bundle that isn't abused' sore. I'd try a hot shower or a hot tub soak, but I don't trust getting in and out of a wet tub right now. And since there isn't a company that makes a 'total body pain heat patch', I'll just have to deal with my fruits of my folly for a day or so.

Will I continue with this form of training? Most likely, but with much more moderation. Adding it to an already mixed regimen of doing the treadmill [cardio] and yoga [flexibility and balance along with core strength] will make a good triad. And the fact I can set up TRX at home fairly easily is all the better.

But ... maybe in a few days. Like ... next week?

[*] Note: I double up like this very rarely. Like when I have a fibro flare rare which, Thank Bog, I have maybe once a year. Actually, today feels a lot like a fibro flare, but I know what's caused it unlike a flare which comes out of no where with no rhyme or reason.


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