Oct. 27th, 2011

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Is it a 'Really Bad Sign' [tm] if you think you head a sudden ~click~ from somewhere deep within your laptop, but everything is still working and nothing seems to be over heating?

FWIW: I have Bella {Isabella, my 4+ year old Acer 17" laptop} on a stand with good air flow off the table top by about 4-5" and she and all the peripherals have two small exterior fans that blow on them when she's on. I don't feel any unusual heat coming from her and she's reading all the externals well {USB hub and additional HDs}. She's pretty much a cyborg in a lot of ways because I also use an external gaming keyboard and mouse rather then the touch pad.

But she just went ~ click~ and I'm totally freaked out. If I have to get a new laptop, I'll lose several programs because they are old, old programs that didn't port to XP Pro SP3 all that well without some massive help from a Geek Friend of mine back in the Puget Sound and the only OS you can really find these days is Win7 and I don't think they'll make the transition again. [No, I'm not going over to a Mac, so don't make that suggestion].

Yes, I could just go ahead, bite the bullet and replace her. She's 4+ years old with only 2GB RAM so online gaming is a bit slow. Most of my programs are open source. But I really hate the whole 'getting to know each other' phase of a new computer. I've used XP Pro since it came out and it's second nature to me. It's comfortable. And it would cost well over $800 to get the laptop I'd want [17" screen, 4-6GB RAM, a hot chip, etc.] because I'd want to get something that would last for a few years, be good for gaming, be 'Netflix to TV' compatible for streaming, etc. And I'm fussy about who makes it. I'm not a Dell fan [heard too many problems], so it would need to be an HP or another Acer. Pretty much the only thing in this area is Best Buy, Staples and Office Max. I suppose I could road trip to Boise or out to Mountain Home and use the Bx, but...

Massive data back-up time.


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