Oct. 28th, 2011

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Remember when I mentioned earlier today about the funny little ~click~? After a VA appointment I had this this afternoon I had this sudden, really strong urge to go look at possible laptops. So my first stop was Best Buy. And after a moment of deep thought [and the realization that said funny ~click~ may be part of the odd 'buzz' I've been hearing from time to time and studiously ignoring and that it is, most likely, Bella's hard drive and not the fan as I've been hoping] I'd like you to meet Raffaella, Raffi for short.

I'd love to say this is Raffi, but it is actually Raffi's twin who is something like 2 minutes older: read 'Raffi is the outgoing model and Raffi's twin sister is the new incoming model.

Asus - Laptop / Intel® Core™ i7 Processor / 17.3" Display / 8GB Memory - Black

{FWIW: My laptops have always had female names like Bella [Isabella] and and my desktops have had male sounding names like Quinto, Giuseppe and Luigi}

In other words, I just got this same laptop at Best Buy on open source, clearance and the last one in the shop [the display model] for a lot cheaper because it's the outgoing version of the same model. So far as any of us at BB could tell [three sales folks in computers and two Nerd Herders over at Geek Squad] it's exactly the same laptop [same specs, chip, MB, same amt of upgradeable RAM, size of hard drive, etc], but the case looks a bit different.

So by the time they charged me the clearance price [$999], rounded that down to $900 for being the display model, took 10% off because it was on an 'open stock' sale, I just got a $1200 gamers laptop for around $850. And you add the 'I killed it by spilling stuff on it' extended warranty, the OS Backup CDs, had all the ASUS specific stuff taken off, the antivirus and all the OS updates loaded and the 'Buy-Back' warranty stuck on, I ended up spending less then I would have buying the new model bare bones.

I hope to pick up Raffi tomorrow or Sat. and will find myself having to get used to Win7, do a massive data transfer from Bella's drive to Raffi's and weep for those programs I no longer have install cd's for. But with 8GB of DDR3 RAM [upgradable to 16 GB], 1TB of HD, a killer NVIDIA GTX 560M graphics card, an Intel i7 Processor and more bells and whistles then I can count, I think I can suffer.

And I have 18 months of 0% financing to pay it off.

So yeah, I went into the financial hole on this, but I also figured it was worth getting a system that would hold up to do the things I'd want it to for the next 4 - 5 years or so. And I'm thinking it's a whole lot better to get something and start the transition on my terms rather then having Bella going HD Aloft and I *have* to try to figure things out while in crises.

It's been several hours since I signed the paperwork and I'm still in a 50-50 mix of excitement and terror.


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