Nov. 6th, 2011

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'Other Son of Bug Buster' was by late Saturday afternoon and gave the back of the bottom cabinets/drawers and the baseboards a spray of some sort of sticky emulsion that will create a barrier. 'Either Son of Bug Busters' will be back either Monday or Tuesday [depending on the weather] to go around the outside of the house foundation.

Status report so far: not one single little hexaped seen.

Of course, I'm still keeping the kitchen light on because I don't want any surprises.

The really fun/interesting about this whole experience? 'Both Sons of Bug Buster' know this house inside and out because the used to come over than play here with all the other area kids back when this was a lot more rural area. Father Bug Buster' [who is no longer dealing with bugs on Earth, but probably manages any needed pest control in the Afterlife] knew G'ma and G'pa Johnson quite well which may explain why both son's were willing to come out at a minutes notice on a weekend to spray this place.

They probably know this place better then I do.

Gotta love the small town rural life.


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