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The state of Kentucky is going to vote on Amendment 26 which will state that a fertilized human egg, a cloned entity or anything of that sort will considered a 'person' with all the rights and privileges of any other person. Not amazingly enough, all the spoke-people are male.

Go figure.

So there's no doubt that the 'morning after pill', birth control and things like life saving abortions and such will be tossed under the bus. But to carry this 'I *Have* to have control of *Your* body because I know better then you' legislation further, does that mean if a pregnant woman drinks or smokes or takes anything internally [like a medication prescribed by her doctor] that *might* cause harm to the unborn, that she is committing battery against another person?

Okay everybody, let's take one giant step backward to the days when women had no rights of their own and were essentially chattels whose only purpose was to cater to their men and produce babies for the man's legacies.


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