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Remember when I mentioned earlier today about the funny little ~click~? After a VA appointment I had this this afternoon I had this sudden, really strong urge to go look at possible laptops. So my first stop was Best Buy. And after a moment of deep thought [and the realization that said funny ~click~ may be part of the odd 'buzz' I've been hearing from time to time and studiously ignoring and that it is, most likely, Bella's hard drive and not the fan as I've been hoping] I'd like you to meet Raffaella, Raffi for short.

I'd love to say this is Raffi, but it is actually Raffi's twin who is something like 2 minutes older: read 'Raffi is the outgoing model and Raffi's twin sister is the new incoming model.

Asus - Laptop / Intel® Core™ i7 Processor / 17.3" Display / 8GB Memory - Black

{FWIW: My laptops have always had female names like Bella [Isabella] and and my desktops have had male sounding names like Quinto, Giuseppe and Luigi}

In other words, I just got this same laptop at Best Buy on open source, clearance and the last one in the shop [the display model] for a lot cheaper because it's the outgoing version of the same model. So far as any of us at BB could tell [three sales folks in computers and two Nerd Herders over at Geek Squad] it's exactly the same laptop [same specs, chip, MB, same amt of upgradeable RAM, size of hard drive, etc], but the case looks a bit different.

So by the time they charged me the clearance price [$999], rounded that down to $900 for being the display model, took 10% off because it was on an 'open stock' sale, I just got a $1200 gamers laptop for around $850. And you add the 'I killed it by spilling stuff on it' extended warranty, the OS Backup CDs, had all the ASUS specific stuff taken off, the antivirus and all the OS updates loaded and the 'Buy-Back' warranty stuck on, I ended up spending less then I would have buying the new model bare bones.

I hope to pick up Raffi tomorrow or Sat. and will find myself having to get used to Win7, do a massive data transfer from Bella's drive to Raffi's and weep for those programs I no longer have install cd's for. But with 8GB of DDR3 RAM [upgradable to 16 GB], 1TB of HD, a killer NVIDIA GTX 560M graphics card, an Intel i7 Processor and more bells and whistles then I can count, I think I can suffer.

And I have 18 months of 0% financing to pay it off.

So yeah, I went into the financial hole on this, but I also figured it was worth getting a system that would hold up to do the things I'd want it to for the next 4 - 5 years or so. And I'm thinking it's a whole lot better to get something and start the transition on my terms rather then having Bella going HD Aloft and I *have* to try to figure things out while in crises.

It's been several hours since I signed the paperwork and I'm still in a 50-50 mix of excitement and terror.
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Is it a 'Really Bad Sign' [tm] if you think you head a sudden ~click~ from somewhere deep within your laptop, but everything is still working and nothing seems to be over heating?

FWIW: I have Bella {Isabella, my 4+ year old Acer 17" laptop} on a stand with good air flow off the table top by about 4-5" and she and all the peripherals have two small exterior fans that blow on them when she's on. I don't feel any unusual heat coming from her and she's reading all the externals well {USB hub and additional HDs}. She's pretty much a cyborg in a lot of ways because I also use an external gaming keyboard and mouse rather then the touch pad.

But she just went ~ click~ and I'm totally freaked out. If I have to get a new laptop, I'll lose several programs because they are old, old programs that didn't port to XP Pro SP3 all that well without some massive help from a Geek Friend of mine back in the Puget Sound and the only OS you can really find these days is Win7 and I don't think they'll make the transition again. [No, I'm not going over to a Mac, so don't make that suggestion].

Yes, I could just go ahead, bite the bullet and replace her. She's 4+ years old with only 2GB RAM so online gaming is a bit slow. Most of my programs are open source. But I really hate the whole 'getting to know each other' phase of a new computer. I've used XP Pro since it came out and it's second nature to me. It's comfortable. And it would cost well over $800 to get the laptop I'd want [17" screen, 4-6GB RAM, a hot chip, etc.] because I'd want to get something that would last for a few years, be good for gaming, be 'Netflix to TV' compatible for streaming, etc. And I'm fussy about who makes it. I'm not a Dell fan [heard too many problems], so it would need to be an HP or another Acer. Pretty much the only thing in this area is Best Buy, Staples and Office Max. I suppose I could road trip to Boise or out to Mountain Home and use the Bx, but...

Massive data back-up time.
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I saw this on [ profile] erynn999's and have permission to repost.

Go. Read. This is so totally wrong I simply don't have words.

erynn999's LJ post

If you can get to the original post, here's a copy:


Scott Olsen, a young Iraq war vet, and a member of Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War, was shot in the head at close range by police with a tear gas canister. He is currently in the hospital with a skull fracture and swelling in his brain. This young man came through two tours in Iraq and was violently assaulted by police while peacefully protesting.

There are stories and video at the following links:

The Bay Citizen

Huffington Post

The New Civil Rights Movement

The Guardian (UK)

In other, unsurprising news, Google reports that from January to June this year, they received at least one request from US law enforcement agencies to remove videos of police brutality. Given the protests that began a month ago, I expect we will see more of these requests happening.

We are having our rights to free assembly removed from us. We are being subjected to unlawful search and seizure at airports when we fly -- an Air Force veteran reports that she was harassed and injured by TSA agents for reading the constitution while being subjected to a search. The rights and protections that our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents fought and sometimes died for in the unions in the 30s and the civil rights movements of the 60s -- a 40 hour work week, health and safety regulations, overtime pay, the right to organize, minimum wage, privacy, safe and legal abortions, birth control -- are being stolen from us. The infrastructure of roads, bridges, schools, parks, and other public works are crumbling and not being repaired or maintained. Environmental protections set up in the 60s and 70s are being dismantled.

Is this really the government we want?

It's not the one I want.

This is what the end of an empire looks like, folks. This is the world we are giving to our kids and their kids. Think about that. Then think about what you can do to change it.


Anybody - *ANYBODY* - who has heard the cry of "MEDIC!" used in real life knows this isn't a staged video. And that is most certainly the use of smoke grenades, if not tear gas, and most likely flash-bangs going off in and around the crowds.

And I agree. TSA has become a collection of jack booted brown shirts with no ability to think on their own. For as long as I can, I will drive long before I fly again. And I'll stop driving when TSA starts making road side check anywhere I'm going.

I did *not* wear the uniform and take care of sick and injured military, their families and veterans for 21+ years to have some thugs try to restrict all the liberties I served for everyone to enjoy.
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I just took this: Asperger test

Okay, I know it's just an online 'quiz' and doesn't take the place of a good clinical evaluation. But it was *very* easy to answer the questions - there was minimal to no doubt as to my responses.

The website says this:
This test is designed for fun. It is not meant to test you for any disorder (real or imagined). You can't glean anything meaningful from this test without consulting with a mental health professional. It is not intended to make light of those who are suffering from autism or Aspergers syndrome. If you are worried about your mental health, see a professional.

It also says this in regards to scores:: 32 - 50 - Scores over 32 are generally taken to indicate Asperger's Syndrome or high-functioning autism, with more than 34 an "extreme" score.

I nailed a 34.

That explains a lot about the years of my life. This is something I'm going to bring up with my VA clinicians for further evaluation. Not sure what difference it will make, but it's something I'd really like to know about.
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That's fairly simple. It's always been a science class of some sort - the more hands on the better.
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Quick question: In Cain's 9-9-9 plan [9% sales tax, 9% income tax, and 9% corporate tax] is that 9% sales tax in place of already existing state sales tax or on top of that? Because if it's on top of it and he wants folks on disabilities to also pay income tax on top of their state income tax [if your yearly is low enough you don't pay Federal Income Tax and a lot of states don't require income taxes paid on disability income]. If so then a lot of lower and middle income people are royally screwed.

Right now Idaho has a 6% sales tax on non-food items. Food isn't taxed. That's one of the few things that saves me. If the sales tax thing is 9% straight across the board and would include food, utilities, everything, I'm screwed. And so far I can't find any real information of just what he means by this plan of his.

Anyone have a clue?
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A house several of us shared many years ago had a cute little black and white ghost kitten. You would see it out of the corner of you eye, usually sitting on a sunny window sill. The various household cats would walk up to where it was, look like it they were bumping noses with it and settle down right next to it.
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If you are a fan of Daniel Jackson, kittens and crack fic - sprint, don't walk, and go read "The Saga of Anubis (Or, How Daniel Jackson is followed by a Kitten)" by [ profile] ladylade.

But *do NOT* be ingesting any fluids, solids or anything you don't want either on your keyboard, monitor or possible lodged in your sinuses.


go. redz. sharez.
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 The top image is a screen grab from Terra Nova, the new Dino-Epic on Fox [Days of Our Lives Meets Jurassic Park].

The bottom half is a Nerf gun.  

See any similarities?

sci fi fantasy Terra Nova - Nerf Guns in Terra Nova
see more

Brownie points to the prop department for keeping the budget low, but really now...
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My cats. I'd love to say I get the last word, but that rarely happens.
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Stolen from [ profile] fringedweller who liberated it from [ profile] seren_ccd.

Go to Wikiquote.
* Look for the 'Random Quote' link listed on the left hand side of the screen and load a random page.
* Pick the third quote down on that page.
* That's the quote that would be the tag line on the movie poster about your life.


Belinda: "Ay, but you know we must return good for evil."
Lady Brute: "That may be a mistake in the translation."
~ Sir John Vanbrugh [1664-1726] "The Provoked Wife" Act I, sc. i (1698)


'nuff said...
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Spiders! I happen to like snakes and can understand their behaviors.
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Found this on one of my 'Firefly' lists and had to check it out.

Yep. 'Firefly Rap'. It's not bad and I'm not a rap music person at all.

There's an article describing it here:'Rapper Releases Tribute to Joss Whedon's Firefly'

And even better? You can download the entire album free right here.

A Big Browncoat Thanks to Adam WarRock & Mikal kHill for creating "The Browncoats Mixtape!".
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Easy. New Zealand. I got hooked watching the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, especially the scenes where the signal fires are leaping from mountain top to mountain top.
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Currently some evangelical Christian Republicans are saying "Don't vote for Mitt Romney because he's a Morman and Mormonism is a Cult! They aren't 'Real Christians!''

Okay - got a quick question of the Intrawebz Masses out there.

We already know [because networks like Fox, etc. are telling us at the top of their lungs] that Jews, Muslims, etc aren't Christians and shouldn't have any positions of power in the US Government because only 'Right and True Christians' should direct this 'One Country, Under God'. In fact that is such a 'Clear Truth' that they don't even need to bring it up except to drag up old and inaccurate comments about Obama being a 'Closet Muslim'. And if I hear one more 'Stanch Republican' quote that the First Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Jay [December 12, 1745 – May 17, 1829] said that 'only a staunch Christian should hold the reigns of government' [paraphrased because I can't find the bleeping quote right now] I shall surely scream!

Dude, the guy was part of the early US and considered himself a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America. I was brought up Protestant and believe me, they are some of the least Evangelical folks around.

But on to my major 'Thought For Today'.

What about Catholics? I notice the Talking Heads are steering way clear of that subject.

Here's an interesting list of affiliations of the population of the US: Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life / U.S. Religious Landscape Survey. Please note that Catholics make up roughly 23-25% of the religious affiliations in the US.

Here's a pdf with a more complete breakdown from the same site: PDF - Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life / U.S. Religious Landscape Survey

And of course, it's not a *real* survey unless you too Wiki in there somewhere.: Religion in the United States

And besides, I love graphics.:

The reason I ask is currently I'm living in an area that is pretty much split between main line Christian and Catholic and I can't help but think of the uproar if/when someone other then me makes the connection that they too may be part of the 'unloved'.

So... anybody in Canada/Australia/New Zealand got a spare room I can bunk in until I get my visa and transfer my residence properly? I figure since I'm a 'split color' off the pie chart [yellow-orange - Pagan with Buddhists leanings], I might as well start scoping things out now before all shit breaks loose after the elections next year.

And that goes 'way past sad. I gave this country coming up on 60 years of my belief and support - 20+ of that in the US Army. But I refuse to have a narrow minded, bigoted group of 'My Version of God is the ONLY God Thou Shalt Have!' take control of what's left of my life.

NOTE: As pointed out ladyqkat below, tmy area is also *very* heavy LDS/SDA [Latter Day Saint/Mormon & Seventh Day Adventist]. Not ab ig surprise since the N/W Nazarene University is just down the freeway. I didn't omit that particular group because they don't count in this area. But since the 'Republican Right' has already declared them to be 'cultists', I didn't enter them into my equation. Not an oversight and not a slight by any means.
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Extra thin and crispy crust or something chewy like rustica or pita
garlic white sauce
red onions
green pepper

Dah-yam! Now I'm hungry!
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A couple of weeks ago I would still kick the AC on for a couple of hours in the early evening because the inside of the house would get above 86F. It was still hitting over 90F during the day.

Today I had to kick on the heater because the inside of the house dropped to 66F.

If things run the way they did last year, I expect to see snow sticking on the ground before the end of this month

Gotta love the High Plains.
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It's sad to say, but the biggest bully in my life was my own father. His idea of 'humor' was to say something hurtful and belittling and when I reacted to it, try to brush it off by saying 'It was only a joke - can't you take a joke?'

He did more then any specific person to destroy my personal self confidence and self-esteem.
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Signal boosted from [ profile] freyas_fire lj.

Please help keep D. Landreth Seed Co. open for business " by [info]freyas_fire.

"When Barbara Melera took over the struggling D. Landreth Seed Co. in 2003, she was determined to turn it around. And she did.

With about $1 million borrowed from 20 friends and family members, and two outsider investors, she overhauled the company. It's finally turning a profit.

Even so, the nation's oldest seed house, which dates to 1784 and counted as customers every president from George Washington to FDR, is in trouble. While friends and family are waiting it out, the two outside investors, who lent $250,000 and $175,000, want to be paid back, and the money isn't there.

Debt could take this historic house down, but not without a fight from Melera. She's working 18 hours a day, frenetically trying to raise money to save Landreth, which is based in New Freedom, Pa., near the Maryland border.

"I knew this was a big undertaking," she says. "I'm not going to give up."

The crisis surfaced in May 2010, when investor Liz King of Petaluma, Calif., sued to recover her $250,000; the note was due at the end of 2009. A Baltimore judge ruled in her favor and, on Aug. 30 of this year, froze Landreth's accounts.

Without a reprieve, Melera says she cannot keep the business going beyond Friday.

Her immediate goal is to raise $150,000 to $175,000 by then from seed sales and advance orders for the 100-page, 2012 catalog. The hope is that this will persuade the two outside investors to negotiate payment schedules and allow Landreth to continue operating."

Follow link for full story.

As of today, they were up to $121,000.

All they ask is people order a catalog for $5 - but I guarantee that as soon as you start poking around their website, you'll order more than a catalog. Got my order placed already for crocus, tulips, and some container garden seeds. When I figure out exactly how much room I have in my new back yard and on my porch, I may order more. I would love some amaryllis to force bloom inside for the holidays.

Facebook page:

I promised people that when I could, I would pay it forward...I intend to do just that, as often as I can. :) We simply cannot afford to lose any more good independent businesses in PA. Please feel free to copy and paste this to your own LJ's.

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Three biggies are
I Can Has Cheeseburger
"Think Geek"
"Two Lumps: The Adventures of Ebenezer and Snooch"


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