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; }
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Okay, maybe not quite *this* bad, but it's almost 1930 MDT [7:30 PM] and it's finally dropped to 98 F at the nearest mini-weather station to where I am. However, it *was* 104 F a couple of days ago here in the SW Treasure Valley, Idaho area. I live in dread of the 'hot season' [middle August to middle September].

'Liberated' from [ profile] ysabetwordsmith who found it on 'myth_adventure's dreamwidth account.
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Sorta says it all, doesn't it.

I'm just sayin'...
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I don't know if I want to laugh or cry...

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Sometimes a lot of information can be presented on a simple post-a-note.

You can find "Savage Chickens" comics *here*.

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I read this and first went 'So?'. That I realized this might not be a Starbucks in a place like Montana or Idaho.

My kind of Starbucks. At least I know who's carrying. And who I can grab a sidearm from is things get hinky and the zombies come after the 'spro.
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A new online comic I've just found [thanks to [ profile] patgund] and I'm in love with it. :>

No, I'm not advocating curling with chickens, although it *does* sound like some that Mythbusters might want to check into. Heck, I've seen cats riding Roombas and curling stones don't move all *that* fast. I can see a chicken riding one.

I never watched curling before the current Olympics and I've found myself grow fascinated by it. I still have a lot to learn about it, so that's why this comic is so funny to me.
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The story behind the cartoon is this:

NASA: Mars Rover Will Likely Rove No More
by Joe Palca

January 26, 2010 NASA is abandoning for now plans to try to extricate the Mars Exploration Rover named Spirit from a sand trap it has been stuck in since April 2009.

The decision has been forced on mission managers by the Martian weather; it will soon be winter in the area where Spirit is stuck.

Just like on Earth, during the Martian winter, the sun is lower in the sky. That means less sunlight will reach the Spirit's solar panels, and that means less power to operate the rover.

Full article here

Poor little Spirit - all alone in the deep, dark night.
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Totally stolen from [ profile] ysabetwordsmith because it is so *so* true.

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Oh Dear Gods - it's Radek and Rodney!

Scary, isn't it...


Nov. 24th, 2009 05:03 pm
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Classic Spooky Traditional Vampire: 1

Sparkly Glittery Wanna-be Vampire: 0

Now let the Flame Wars begin....
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XKCD comics

Geeks after my own heart.
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From the [ profile] doonesburyc LJ Community.
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Forwarded from [ profile] felix_carni's LJ

"The Belfry Webcomics Index is a searchable archive of thousands of web comics and online graphic novels. The best way to use it is to sign up for a free account (no spam, we promise!) and 'subscribe' to the comics you read most often. This gives you a list you can go through to read your daily/weekly/etc comics, in either a frames or non-frames mode as you please. It also lets you participate in community features. New comics are added in every day and show up in a 'new comics' list you can browse and add to your subscription list as you wish."

Curse you Spotty Cat! Curse you! [But in the nicest possible way, of course.]

Like I need faster access to *another* thing on the Internet.

But this way I will get my "Two Lumps" fix so much faster. :}


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