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With the holidays coming, people are beginning to post various pretties that they make and have for sale. The following link will take you to such pretties: Chimera Fancies. I'll continue to dig up and post other links as I find/refind them.
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Echoed from the LJ Community [ profile] craftgrrl

In the spirit of WWII era knitting for soldiers, the National World War II Museum has a program where you can knit or crochet scarves for veterans. All the pertinent information can be found here: Knit You Bitl

It's an ongoing program, and a neat way to use your craft to give back to the community.
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It can be found here.

I have to admit, I thought hard about it, but the cost for only a 2.5 inch figure made it out of reach.

But I *do* have a 20" plush squid coming and I should have enough time to make a couple of uniform tops for it before the Starfleet Regional Summit the weekend of the 24-25th.
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I really, REALLY need a dress form of some sort. I'd do the duct tape thingie, but it's just me and it's kinda hard to do to yourself. But I also don't want to spend a lot of bucks, and you'd know since I'm looking there's nothing at St. Vinnies, Good Will, etc. Besides, I don't think the standard 'model size' dress form will work. As I said - 'ample frame'.

Any recommendations of companies, costs and such?
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I definitely need to work out a pattern for this:

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Happily stolen from [ profile] strivaria's LJ post..

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Pay It Forward: I will send a small gift of some sort to the first 10 people who leave a comment here on my LJ.

I have no idea what it may end up to be or in what medium, but you *will* receive something within 365 days.

The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your blog.

So here it is - let me know. I'll be flat out honest, 'it' will probably be based on how much I know of you [fandoms, the SCA, whatever], and it will probably be limited by whatever skill or craft I know, but I think it will be fun for all of us.

1. celedraug
2. ariestess
3. mamid
4. maevebran
5. ldyanne
6. lenyia
7. villainny
8. astridv
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I just spent the last 6+ hours at a friend's place learning and implementing neat new skills: mixing, tinting and pouring resin into molds, working with pressure chambers designed to compress the bubbles in said molds so the end result won't be bubble ridden, trimming, hand sanding and filling any bubble holes with moldable resin, etc. Covered basic machine sanding, painting, etc. Tomorrow? More fun with molds, sanding, filling bigger defects, painting, etc.

What was I doing, you may ask? I was learning to make hand held Star Trek props and prop parts: hand phaser, PADDs, comm badges, etc. Like these.

Some will be going out for a charity auction for 'Make A Wish' and some are for sale through said friend's home business [already completed prop pieces or prop kits] - XScape Props. Between Scott's props and Peter's costuming [Outworld Sutlery has merged with XScape Props], I can indulge my fan-girl geekiness to my heart's content. And find out for myself just how many of nit-picky hours of hand work go into crafting these things. My own pet learning project, using a mold that Scott has already made, is a PADD similar to this. Today was casting and hole filling. Tomorrow will be back filling, finish sanding and, hopefully, the first of what may well be 7 to 12 coats of paint finish. Scott does all of his own graphic inserts, so that's not something I have to figure out.

At least right now.

Hopefully I'll get a chance someday to learn mold making and some of the other aspects of this. But for right now, I'm perfectly happy to be learning how to make some of the magic we get to see on the big and little 'screen' from one of the pros.


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