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Just in case anyone had any doubts, 20" of straight suspension training really can not only make you barely able to move the next day but can make you a bit sick to your stomach as well. My bod is a bit 'delicate' today.

The local Y had an 'Intro to TRX' free session yesterday and I signed up for it. It didn't feel bad at the time and I was doing a lot better then I thought I could do, so I pushed it until muscle exhaustion said 'Stop!'. Like 'wobbly legs, B/P drop' stop. I'm now up to an hour on the treadmill at 3.5 mph and a 3.5% grade with a h/r of no more then 110/min. Considering last Jan I was lucky to do 15" at 1.5 mph and 0% and hitting 126/m easily, that's good.

However, 20" of something so totally new to me was a 'Bad Idea' [tm].

The expectations of my alligator ego could not stand up to the abilities of my hummingbird ass.

I feel like 'the day after the yearly PT test' when I hadn't trained at all for it. Like '600mg ibuprofen and 500mg acetaminophen in one dose[*] and limping around like there isn't a major muscle bundle that isn't abused' sore. I'd try a hot shower or a hot tub soak, but I don't trust getting in and out of a wet tub right now. And since there isn't a company that makes a 'total body pain heat patch', I'll just have to deal with my fruits of my folly for a day or so.

Will I continue with this form of training? Most likely, but with much more moderation. Adding it to an already mixed regimen of doing the treadmill [cardio] and yoga [flexibility and balance along with core strength] will make a good triad. And the fact I can set up TRX at home fairly easily is all the better.

But ... maybe in a few days. Like ... next week?

[*] Note: I double up like this very rarely. Like when I have a fibro flare rare which, Thank Bog, I have maybe once a year. Actually, today feels a lot like a fibro flare, but I know what's caused it unlike a flare which comes out of no where with no rhyme or reason.
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I noticed that my local Y was offering line dance classes twice a week [Monday morning and Friday afternoon-evening]. So I thought "Why not?" I can't keep up with an entire class of Zumba and I loved folk dancing many years ago. So... okay... I can do the typical Y 30-45" class.

Okay - revised opinion. An hour and a half non-stop of leaning new dances one right after the other. I have found totally new places to hurt that have been yet untouched by either the treadmill or yoga.

Plan to go back Friday. :}
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You know how Superman flies: arms out in front, feet directly out behind. Now picture doing this suspended only by a strap hooked off to the wall behind you, the strap resting on the top of your hip bones and your feet out straight on the wall behind you.

I flew like Superman today in yoga. My instructor too the time to tailor the straps for my considerable lack of flexibility and the fact I weigh a lot more than most of the folks in class, but I did it. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not svelt by any means. Never have been. But ... wow!

We also did these two today.

I can't believe I actually *did* it. And not once, but repeated it a couple of times. Scared the crap out of me. She assures me we won't be doing a lot of wall poses because they take a fair amount of time to set up, do and recover from, but I'm guessing she'll throw this sort of thing at us from time to time.

I *still* can't believe I flew like Superman. I must trust my instructor a lot.
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When I went in today to work out on the treadmill at the Y, I ran across 'The Dr Oz Show'. Okay, you need to know that I *never* watch 'Pop Doc' programs. Too many years in health care, I guess. But I started watching this.

If ever there was a Cosmic Finger of Something pointing down at me today, this was it. I mean, it's right up there with realizing the Y was only 5" from home, cost less than the one in Tacoma, was a lot less crowded and just, in general, felt like the right thing to do.

So today I start. I mean, let's face it, I can't do worse.

Keyword Ad Tag:  nike Eat Less. Move More. Lose Weight. Feel Great. Dr. Oz, Sharecare and Nike are joining...

FWIW: I started the Y back on Dec 10, 2010. Could do about 15" on the tread at a slow walking pace [5% grade and 2.0 mph] until I felt a bit limited with a max heart rate of 135/m.

Today? 60" with a 5" cool down [5% grade @ 2.6 mph] with a max HR of 122/m.

I think I'm doing something right.
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Just got back from my very first ever yoga class at the Y. Not beginning yoga. Not basic yoga. Not even 'Introduction to Yoga For Those Who's Last Attempt At Physical Exercise Was Sometime During The Hoover Administration'. I made it all the way through but there's a long way to go.

But Dear Sweet Holy Hera, I think I broke my hara !
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My birthday present to myself is...

I'm rejoining the "YMCA" out here.

I took a tour a couple of days ago and they have pretty much everything I enjoyed at my old "Y"

Some of their workout machines [treadmills, etc] have little TV sets built in and plugs for earphones so you can distract yourself while you while away the time. They understand that there are some of us who are a long way past being 'in shape' and no one is being all hairy about pushing yourself further than you feel good about. Their indoor pool area is totally awesome - they even have a flowing indoor river so you can walk against the current. *And* I don't have to pay the full 'registration fee' - only half of it since I've been a member, albeit over a year ago. And they are $10 less a month for dues.

Add this to the fact it's only a five minute drive from here so I can be *very* impulsive on my going [which for me is a good thing] and this adds up to a *win!*.

I'll turn my paperwork in today or tomorrow with the membership starting 1 Dec.

This will be fun. :}
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I forgot just how painful a fibromyalgia flare can be. I'm one of those really lucky folks who have very few severe problems with it. In fact, a VA doc found it when I was a test subject for a project they were doing a lot of years ago. [Discovery = long story and not necessary here.] But over the last 10 years since I've actually had the diagnosis, I've had very few times I've felt miserable from it. It usually shows itself as back and neck pain and I just tough through it with OTC anti-inflammatories. But today, I've got a pair of knees that hurt from the middle of my thighs to midway down to the middle of my shins and my back and neck are cranky achy, so I'm guessing it's a flare.

Which would actually be okay. Better that than some form of nasty that it could be. So I'll deal and see what happens. If it doesn't start to clear in a day or so, I'll contact my VA doc and we'll see what we can do because right now it feels as if my knees are on fire.

But this just puts the SUX! on my walking/biking get-in-shape program. Right now there's no way I'm going to go to a local track and try to walk steady for 15".

Addenda: Just got back from the Wall-of-Marts and they had a combo bottle of glucosamine/chondrotin/SMS compound with 2000 iu Vit D in it - 132 tabs for $17 [take 2 x day]. The Wally Worker there said is was missmarked in price [supposed to be $23.00], but since it was on the shelf for that, that's what she charged me.

Wal-Mart and my knees for the win! Wish I had more cash flow until the end of the month to have picked up the other bottle on the shelf, but it's $15 left in the bank until the 1st.
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..................................... shin splints ..............................

So, I'm actually going to 'bite the bullet' and stay off of them for at least 72 hours. By that, I mean, lay off the 'exercise walking' for a bit.

It started a couple of days ago and I've been trying to 'power through it'. Yeah, I know. dumb. It's not like I was starting out with multi-mile epics either. More like a few blocks around the neighborhood. But a combo of old, bad, worn down shoes and the random local walking surfaces [either cement, chip and seal or loose gravel] just wreaked havoc. I know the smart thing would be to get in the car and drive to a local school and use their track, but I know me. The ability to be totally spontaneous with this - just up and out the door and go - is a bit part of my being able to keep to this.

But today was 'make it to the end of the block and I was already regretting the whole thing.'

So gonna do the whole RICER thing [(R) rest, (I) ice, (C) compression, (E) elevation and obtaining a (R) referral for appropriate medical treatment] without the last 'R'. If home care doesn't help, I'll start calling my VA doc.

But I *did* get a new pair of shoes. Nothing fancy, mid-line Nike women's cross trainers. But I put fairly good insoles in them and could really tell the improvement in how things felt just in walking around the mall. And I *did* do a power walk for about 20 minutes around the mall just to make sure nothing rubbed, pinched, etc. So I've had to admit, it's me, deconditioning and the walking surface right now.

I forgot just how annoying shin splints can be. :{

[NOTE: Yes, Knut and Pete, I really talked to someone who had a clue and had them fitted. Not saying they wouldn't benefit from proper inserts, but I did not hit the Wal-Mart specials. But I really *did* have to keep the costs below three digits. Sorry - fact of life.]
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I'm in the US - Idaho to be exact, so all non-US folks, you're off the hook from here on out.

I desperately need some real, honest-to-Deity walking/general workout shoes. Right now I'm wearing whatever I first put my hand on. Bad idea. Pretty much all my shoes are old and worn, I don't have the best knees and those knees are helping haul around a fair amount of extra weight. Add to that two careers spanning over 30 spent on my feet [health care and the military]. VA Podiatry tries to play the orthotic game every now and than, but every time they fit me, by the time we're done, I'd have to go up a whole shoe size to just fit the new 'loft' they give me feet. And a whole shoe size = wearing two boats that slip and slide. I brought this up once and was told 'Just wear extra socks or stuff something in the toes'.

Sorry. Not happening.

Now I know not all podiatrists are like this, but out of all the care I've gotten over the last 10 years at VA, my low spot has always been orthotics. The two surgical procedures I've had were fine, but they wee both residents who were also active Army docs. They 'speak' feet. The VA staffers are far more used to dealing with diabetic feet and suck rather than someone who still wants to get out and move.

Anyway, back on point. What company have people had good luck with? Good sales folks who know their stuff, reasonable prices, etc. In my immediate area I've got a Payless, a Foot Locker and a B-5 Sporting Goods. I can make a road trip to Boise [30+ miles and 25+ minutes one way] if needs be. Otherwise it's just me and the Wal-Mart. I'd do that but I want to make sure I actually get something that fits and will do the job without trashing me. And please, something that won't cost an arm and a leg. Broke retired vet on disability here still paying off two people's worth of bills with only one person's limited income.

I did 30+ minutes in/around my neighborhood here earlier and my knees aren't happy. The walking surface is mostly street and 'chip and seal' surface and not all that even so every step can feel a bit off balance. There's no consistent sidewalk. And yea, I could drive myself over to one of the local schools and use their track, but that lacks something to look at while I walk [I'm still not in the iPod generation] and the spontaneity I need to just get up and go.

So...... business suggestions?


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