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Liberated from [ profile] flingslasswho grabbed it from [ profile] kenderlyn.

My turn.

Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...

Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...

The Mindgamer

Everything is possible, nothing is ever really over.

Fanfiction is a creative outlet for you. You don't intentionally write it, it just happens. You find inspiration in several fandoms, but are not obsessed with only one.

You like to explore "what if" situations. What if this character had never made this very choice? What if this event had taken place sooner, never, elsewhere? What if these people had never met?

You are likely to write Alternative Universes, fan seasons or sequels and just follow your (sometimes pretty strange) plot bunnies.

Take The Fan Fiction Personality Test at OkCupid

Anyone who knows me and my writing would find this off the mark. I like to play in people's heads, figure out the 'what if' and the 'what might happen if'.
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Life is trying to be in the water closet right now, so I could really use some fic to help me along. Zelenka fic preferred, but any good team fic would be good.

Help me Live Journal - you're my only hope.

Or something like that.
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Title: "Messages"
Challenge: #11 Illustrative typography
Artist: [ profile] strivaria
Author: [ profile] seticat
Posted: 8 July, 2008
Pairing: gen
Type of Art: full-color graphic
Rating: G
Wordcount: 362
Warnings: None
Written For: Written for the writer's side of the "[ profile] artword" ficathon and inspired by this wonderful graphic created by [ profile] strivaria. My thanks to her for her tremendous patience with me for lagging far behind and to her for the beauty she created and entrusted to me care. It all by wrote this piece in my head for me. I simply had to find the right words to bring it to life.

Summary: "The world wide simulcast by the heads of the planet Earth was to go down as a day in history to rival that of the passing of the Magna Carta or the announcement of the splitting of the atom."

Author's Note: The art work for this piece can be found at the end of the fic. It just seemed to work out better when done that way.

" Messages"  )
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A drabble written for the McShep LJ community challenge of a drabble tree.

By Rowan / [ profile] seticat
Written on: 4/26/08
Challenge #2 on McShep Match - Drabble Tree. Write a drabble based on a line in a previously written drabble. I chose a line from alyburns' drabble and used it for my first line.


"I threw rocks," John said with a shrug.

Elizabeth looked at Shepard and then each team member. " Let me get this straight. You drove off a culling team of Wraith with rocks?"

Ronon just shrugged. "Yeah." Her eyes turned to him. " What's wrong with that?"

"All the high tech weapons available in two galaxies and you throw clods of dirt."

"Hey, McKay, back off. It's called 'field expediency.' And maybe if your high tech hadn't failed, we wouldn't have needed low tech." John turned back to Weir. "It worked. That's what counts."

Everyone had to agree with that.

You can read all the others ones behind the cur. Just beware that 'There Be Slash'. : Read more... )
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Let's hope I get the whole 'cut' thing right.

by Rowan / [ profile] seticat
written 4/26/08
drabble for satedan_fire
Definition of "Hunger"
" A feeling of discomfort and a need to eat, caused by a lack of food;
" A strong desire

Author's Note: A big grammer glitch corrected.


He had never had a hunger quite like this. This almost primal, driving need. He'd had compulsions before. After all, he was a man and only human. The only way he'd been able to survive those Wraith filled years on the run was to suppress all his baser needs. Women. Drink. Wealth. Everything was pushed down into a box and shoved away to the furthest back corners of his mind. Except the need to kill Wraith. That he gave free rein to. But this? This was different.

Now he understood why the snack bag said "Betcha can't eat just one."
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In honor of Sci-Fi showing the episode "Maternal Instincts" tonight in their 'Stargate:SG-1' slot [one of my favorites BTW], I dug this up out of the 'completed' folder. It's original write date is something like 2001 with a quick rewrite in 2003. Even over time, I still like how it came out.

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Oh Lord...

Jan. 31st, 2008 05:21 pm
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I *can't* believe I signed up for *another* fic-a-thon. SGA Gen Fic-a-Thon

If you're at all interested, run fast and sign up. Today's the deadline. Don't leave me out here alone by myself. Misery loves company.

Min. 2000 words. Oy!
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In a previous post I mentioned the piece "Song for a Winter's Night" and the fact that I had committed song-fic based on this piece quite a while ago. I decided to go ahead and post the piece here. This is one of the very first pieces of SG fic I ever wrote and was done before I entered my 'Angel of Death' fic phase. I think it's weathered the years fairly well. Like most of my SG-1 and SGA fic, it's slashy, but there's nothing to it other than an implied established relationship.

Maybe, one day, I'll finish off the companion piece that's been languishing on my drive since forever.

“Winter's Night"
Author: Rowan [ profile] seticat
Written : 7/31/1991 [bit of a rewrite 5/5/02]
Rewrite: 5/5/2002
Category: slash, ER, Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: none
Sequel: none
Ratings: PG-13 , bit of 'language', implied m/m relationship
Content: Smarm
Warnings: none
Summery: The following says it best. "Loving is not just caring deeply, it's, above all, understanding." - Francoise Sagan
Terminology: TDY = 'Temporary DutY' Roughly, to be sent away from your assigned duty station to do something else for however long they want you to go there and do it.
BX = the Base Exchange. Think ‘7-11’ on base. The kind of place that provides a bit of ‘this and that’ when you’re away from home.
Disclaimer: The original idea for this story was a long, dark night and a new CD. I credit "Song For a Winter's Night" sung by Sarah McLaughlin and Composed by Gordon Lightfoot, cut taken from the "Due South - Volume II" soundtrack, as my inspiration and recommend it to all and sundry. The CD I sited as the source in the story does exist.
As for the rest, Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate Productions, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended.

The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author. This story may be archived on "The Alpha Gate". Others, please check with me first. I reserve the right to re-edit as necessary.

Note: // Italics indicate thoughts. //

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Sorry - me bad. Didn't remember to unlock it after I figured out how to do the whole lj cut thing.
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I can't believe I actually got the fic done. Life has been such a contest the last couple of months between just hiding out with the cats and dragging my arse up and doing things that this is more of an accomplishment than some may see. But once the idea formed in my head, I couldn't get Radek to shut up. There's so much potential for Zelenka backstory that hasn't been explored, I may make this my 'holy grail' in SGA ficdom.

And in the end, it was a fun piece. And one created out of a meld of two separate real life experiences of friends back years ago. But since I don't think the military recognizes a statute of limitations, no name. That whole 'plausible deniability' thing, ya know. ;}
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Okay, I have finally done *IT*. I have committed SGA fic. What can I say? I've got it bad for the brainy types with accents.

So, if I've managed to post this right [and get the whole 'tag' thing, etc], the following is my backstory challenge contribution to SGA Flashfic. Bekind. As I said, this is my first SGA fic and one of the few pieces I've written in the last few years.

7/9/07 - ADDENDA: After posting this I caught some major errors [and my thanks to those who helped me find them] so this may now look a bit different then it was when I first posted it. - Rowan

Wings by Rowan {a backstory challenge]
Written: 7/8/07
SGA Flashfic Backstory Challenge
Word count: 840
Character: Radek Zelenka
Summary: " He was 12 years old when his father came home …"


Growing up Radek never really knew what it was like to feel restricted. His parents loved him very much as did his sister Marjeta and brother Josef. They were not a rich family. Few who lived in Communist held Czechoslovakia in the 60's and 70's would have called themselves wealthy. The exceptions were the Party Officials who administered to this city of Liberec, but they were a special case unto themselves and were not often counted among the common man of the day. His father seemed content with the money he made teaching agriculture at the local university and tutoring the children of Party members and the local Chairman in such sciences as he had knowledge of. His mother helped make ends meet by taking some of the smaller children of his neighborhood into their home while their parents worked during the day light hours. Perhaps the Zelenka's didn't have the biggest house or dine on the most expensive foods, but they were warm in the biting winters, their bellies were full and Radek never wanted for company and playmates.

Though Tomáš and Lida were often times poor in material goods, they tried to give their children the one gift they considered the most important of all: the love of knowledge in all it's many and varied forms. But as much as they struggled and encouraged, Radek seemed indifferent. He simply did not share his father's love for green, growing things that his brother had shown such an aptitude for, nor his mother's love for the skills of home and hearth that his sister shared. Radek's passion was to learn how things worked. Not plants or animals. Not people or children or food or cloth. But *things*. His parents were at a loss how to convince him that a formal education would be of benefit to him. Radek simply *knew* how things worked and he believed completely and passionately that this innate ability wasn't something that could not be improved upon with hours spent on music or history. It could only be bettered by more time spent with his hands on things and he begrudged each and every moment stolen from his beloved projects for such things as homework.

No one he knew shared his passion. Certainly the members of his own family didn't understand how it drove him. But they did not try and dissuade him either. Their youngest son was a stubborn young man and there was no changing his mind when he had decided on something this strongly. In the end, they simply came to terms with the difference and acknowledged that it was a part of Radek they did not fully comprehend but they loved him none the less for it. They also came to accept that any one of them might find a personal or household item taken down to it's component pieces laid out on the kitchen table in the early morning sun, and that it would be back together and working by that evening. And if there were one of two pieces left over when it was all said and done, the item always worked in the end. And sometimes even better than it had before. He soon became a very popular young man in his neighborhood after his brother told his friends about this talent and usually was able to earn a bit of pocket money for his troubles. But truth be told, he would have done it for free; just for the shear joy of being able to discover how one more thing worked the way it did. Anything he might earn was merely an added benefit.

He was 12 years old when his father came home and told his mother that he had been reassigned to teach genetics at the University of Agriculture in Prague and that he must leave home within the week. But, he promised, he would find them a new home to live in and that she and the children would be moving to join him before classes started that Fall.

That was the year Radek's world changed.

He discovered a entire world filled with others just like him. People who spoke the secret languages of mathematics and physics and chemistry. Other beings who openly came together in worship of 'Faith Mechanica' where knowledge was the Supreme Being and those who strove to understand it's worldly mechanisms were lifted up to be Holy Acolytes. It was a faith whose holy books were written in the lines and columns of algebra and trigonometry, of statistics and differential equations; it's liturgy crafted in the fluid lines of calculus and sung on high in the beautiful strains of quantum numbers. It became the focus of his life. It would ensnare and enslave him from this day forward and for the rest of his life. It would, ultimately, seduce him away from hearth and home.

It was a universe he ran forward to joyfully embrace with open arms and heart. Radek Zelenka had discovered a brave new world he could share with others who also strove to understand the beautiful foundation of the mechanical universe.

His soul grew wings and he flew. And he never looked back.


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