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If you are a fan of Daniel Jackson, kittens and crack fic - sprint, don't walk, and go read "The Saga of Anubis (Or, How Daniel Jackson is followed by a Kitten)" by [ profile] ladylade.

But *do NOT* be ingesting any fluids, solids or anything you don't want either on your keyboard, monitor or possible lodged in your sinuses.


go. redz. sharez.
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Yahoo to close down the Delicious bookmarking service!

Those who have been on the Internet long enough to remember the heyday of social bookmarking will understand this news to be a sign of the times for Yahoo, an aging portal seemingly in search of new direction. The still popular service -- which at the time of this writing shows an Alexa ranking of 255 -- was one of the first wave of high-profile acquisitions during the "Web 2.0" era, along with photo-sharing service Flickr, another Yahoo property.

The promise of social bookmarking was both to provide central, cloud-based storage for your web bookmarks as well as open up your bookmarks to social interaction and discovery. The shuttering of both Delicious and Yahoo's oddly competitive Yahoo! Bookmarks properties seemingly heralds the end of the company's experiments in this sector, and it will be interesting to see whether another player emerges to innovate the next era of social bookmarking.

If you have bookmarks at Delicious, here's how to export them. bookmarks export
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Every now and than I like to poke people and encourage them to go over and read [ profile] haikujaguar's web story Spots the Space Marine. It's a lot more than the name may imply: it's a well crafted world with three dimensional characters both human and alien. But, really folks, you *need* to go read this from page one because the last few installments will grab you and wring you dry.

Please go read. And bring kleenex.
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Lifted from a post bu [ profile] lazigyrl. I've not written a lot, but these were a sampling of the one's posted here on LJ.

Basically it tells me my writing style has no clue what it wants to be when it grows up.

An Atlantis 'tree' drabble: "Rocks"

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

An Atlantis art/writers challenge I got to do with [ profile] strivaria: "Messages"l

I write like
Douglas Adams

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

An old SG-1 fic I wrote years ago inspired by the episode "Maternal Instincts":"Son Light"

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

SG-1 fandom went through a phase of 'song fics' - pieces inspired by music. "Winter's Night" was one of my tries at it. It's got an unwritten sequel I need to do one of these days from Jack's PoV.

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

An SGA 'Secret Santa' piece from a couple of years ago "Face Off" I've always loved the UST between Radek Zelenka and Evan Lorne and this gave me a chance to play with it.

I write like
Kurt Vonnegut

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

A piece for a 'backstory challenge'. What can I say. I love Radek. "Wings"

I write like
Mario Puzo

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

And for the finale, probably the favorite thing I've ever written about Radek: "Radek's Flock"

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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"Spots the Space Marine"

Go. Read. Become part of the 'Spots Movement'.

You'll never look at baking cookies in quite the same light again.
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I like the premise - art before fic. In fact that's kinda how the [ profile] artword challenges went and how my fic "Messages" came about. I never could have done it without the stunning artwork and inspiration provided by my artist partner [ profile] strivaria.

Besides, I haven't committed trekfic yet so I guess I'm due.

[ profile] trekreversebang [ profile] trekreversebang
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Gacked from [ profile] mijan who gacked it from [ profile] furiosity.

As previously stated, All of these are alleged fandom cliches or tropes that seem to happen in many, many fandoms. Which ones I have done? Which cliche traps have caught me? And which ones would I like to try despite myself?

Let's see...

Genderswap: nope
Bodyswap: no
Drunk!fic: nope
Huddling together for warmth: yep - one of my SGA Radek/Lorne pieces
Undercover in a gay bar: no
Pretending to be married: no
Secretly a virgin: no
Amnesia: no... well, I don't think so ... what was that question again?.....
Cross-dressing: no
Forced to share a bed: no
Aliens made them do it: nope
Wingfic: no
Mpreg: no
Mistakenly assumed to be gay: no
Let's play truth or dare: no
Mary Sue fic: Sadly, I have. But it wasn't all that bad - honest! I'm a wimpy Mary Sue writer
Aphrodisiacs: no
Curtain fic: no
Hurt/Comfort: of course. I was also known as 'The Angel of Death' in early Jack/Daniel fic. Go figure
Apocalypse fic: no
Someone has a baby: no, not even the female characters of the fandom
Baby!fic: no
Telepathic soulbonding: no
Werewolves mate for life: I wish!

I am such a middle-of-the-road fic writer it isn't funny.

Hummmm... maybe I should branch out ...
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I think I got it fixed now, thanks to wraithfodder. So here's a piece out of the fanfic archive vault on my hard drive.

Author: seticat {Rowan}
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Date: originally written 11/25/99
Rating: G
Summary: "The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten." - Calvin Coolidge
Author's Note: This is one of the first pieces I wrote 'way back when. The holidays were coming up and both husband and I were remembering times past in lands far away. Out of those memories came this. The internal thoughts of one 'Jack O'Neill' are found in 'italics'. Probably not the grammatically correct way to do it, but it's one of the ways I did it back than.

Just thought I'd dig something out of the fanfic vault that fit the holiday mood.

”Holidays” )
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Life is trying to be in the water closet right now, so I could really use some fic to help me along. Zelenka fic preferred, but any good team fic would be good.

Help me Live Journal - you're my only hope.

Or something like that.
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O-kay... Anyone up to writing *more* SGA penguin crack fic?

'Sir' penguin given Norwegian knighthood .

That is all...
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Title: "Messages"
Challenge: #11 Illustrative typography
Artist: [ profile] strivaria
Author: [ profile] seticat
Posted: 8 July, 2008
Pairing: gen
Type of Art: full-color graphic
Rating: G
Wordcount: 362
Warnings: None
Written For: Written for the writer's side of the "[ profile] artword" ficathon and inspired by this wonderful graphic created by [ profile] strivaria. My thanks to her for her tremendous patience with me for lagging far behind and to her for the beauty she created and entrusted to me care. It all by wrote this piece in my head for me. I simply had to find the right words to bring it to life.

Summary: "The world wide simulcast by the heads of the planet Earth was to go down as a day in history to rival that of the passing of the Magna Carta or the announcement of the splitting of the atom."

Author's Note: The art work for this piece can be found at the end of the fic. It just seemed to work out better when done that way.

" Messages"  )
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I mean to post this on Memorial Day, but things, as usual, got in it's way. This is an old piece, circa. 1999, with the occ. clean up here and there. I've tried very hard not to rewrite some of my stuff because I think it loses a bit with too much polish. I don't know if this is one of them, but it's here anyway.

Anyway... here is it. Let me know what you think.

{EDIT} Heck with it. It's short and I'm just going to post it straight. I have a headache and don't want to fight with it.

Title: "Small Drops"
Author: Rowan [Jari L. James]
Date: 8/10/99
Category: Angst
Spoilers: none
Season/Sequel info: none
Rating: G
Content Warnings: none
Summary: "I will never leave thee not forsake thee."
Disclaimer: They aren't mine. I just get to look through their eyes every once in awhile. And they look back through mine.
This story may be archived for AlphaGate and JD-Divas. The title came from thoughts on another writing titled "Small Drops of Comfort". This piece was inspired by a real life experience.


Each of us are a sum of our whole. All the unique experiences of our life brought together to create the individuals we become. Much the same way bodies of water are formed by the drops of rain that fall and join together to become a stream, then a river and finally an ocean. Each tiny incident in our pasts bind together to create the memories that drive us; they reach out and touch us in ways we may never be truly become aware of.

Small drops of life that make us who we are.

Have you ever seen a man wander a military cemetery? Taking a moment out of his life to take in the trees and the grass. Pausing to watch the U.S. flag flying overhead, the wind causing it to swell and ripple in the breeze like a living thing. Strolling between the stately rows and columns of markers with no particular end point in sight. Walking with no set goal in mind.

Until something catches his eye. He'll stop, take a step or two back and kneel down on the grass, resting his hand on an old bronze plaque that's green with age and neglect. His head will bow for a moment as if in silent communion with the person who rests beneath the tough, green sod. A strong, callused hand will slip into a pocket to find handkerchief and ratty old knife. Reverently he'll unfold the blade and with slow, purposeful strokes, begin to clean the marker. It may take him 10 ... 15 ... 20 min or so until it suits him, but he'll stay with it… gently scraping away the green corrosion, gradually bringing bright light back to the metal.

That same blade will be called upon to shear the sod away from the edges of the memorial, creating a crisp, neat border, trimming the overhanging strands of grass until the fresh and vibrant green is no longer in control but sits in it's rightful place: a living backdrop behind the plate of golden brown metal that marks a soldier's final resting place. At last satisfied with his handiwork, he'll stand and step back from the grave marker, closing the knife and giving the gold touched bronze one last pass with the wadded piece of cloth; and then stuff the both of them back in his pants pocket.

And when all is done and a sense of military order has been restored, he'll bring himself to attention and, with back straight and head held high, give crisp salute in honor of a fallen comrade. After a moment of silent introspection his arm will return to it's position at his side and with feet executing a smart 'about face' he'll turn and walk away. And as you watch him moving off through the trees you know he's hearing 'Taps' and the crack of a gun salute echoing in the memories he will always carry.

He wasn't at the cemetery for any particular reason that day. He had been driving by, giving a friend a lift to the garage so that man could pick up his own car and his tired, jaded eyes were caught by the flags fluttering at the field's entrance. He didn't stop to look for someone he knew. He stopped at that grave because he saw a site requiring attention and it was part of his personal duty to remember the fallen. By his actions he gave reverence and respect where such were due.

Of such things are small drops of personal honor made.

And today I've seen a side of Jack I've never seen before. And I, and our friendship, are the richer for it.

Dedicated In Loving Memory to:
1Lt. Dorothy Boone Wood, US Navy, Pharmacist, WWII
Corpsman 1st Class [and later 2Lt. MSC, Korea] James Leland Wood, US Navy,
[attached to US Marines] - Pacific Theater - WW II.

By their daughter:
MSG/1SG Jari L. James, US Army, Medical Corps, Desert Shield/Desert Storm
And to CWO William P. Milliner, US Army - to listed /POW/MIA 6 MAR 71, Laos
and his family and friends:

"I will never leave thee not forsake thee." [Hebrews 13:5]

Your Brothers and Sisters will find you, William ... and bring you home.
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Okay, 'Supernatural' isn't currently one of my fandoms, although that may well change at some time in the future. I'll leave that option open. But I ran across this link to a fic snippet on [ profile] cofax7's lj and while I don't do SPN, I *do* do 'Discworld'.

Go check this out. It's a SPN/Discworld crossover and it's hysterical. :}

SPN/Discworld snippet
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A drabble written for the McShep LJ community challenge of a drabble tree.

By Rowan / [ profile] seticat
Written on: 4/26/08
Challenge #2 on McShep Match - Drabble Tree. Write a drabble based on a line in a previously written drabble. I chose a line from alyburns' drabble and used it for my first line.


"I threw rocks," John said with a shrug.

Elizabeth looked at Shepard and then each team member. " Let me get this straight. You drove off a culling team of Wraith with rocks?"

Ronon just shrugged. "Yeah." Her eyes turned to him. " What's wrong with that?"

"All the high tech weapons available in two galaxies and you throw clods of dirt."

"Hey, McKay, back off. It's called 'field expediency.' And maybe if your high tech hadn't failed, we wouldn't have needed low tech." John turned back to Weir. "It worked. That's what counts."

Everyone had to agree with that.

You can read all the others ones behind the cur. Just beware that 'There Be Slash'. : Read more... )
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Let's hope I get the whole 'cut' thing right.

by Rowan / [ profile] seticat
written 4/26/08
drabble for satedan_fire
Definition of "Hunger"
" A feeling of discomfort and a need to eat, caused by a lack of food;
" A strong desire

Author's Note: A big grammer glitch corrected.


He had never had a hunger quite like this. This almost primal, driving need. He'd had compulsions before. After all, he was a man and only human. The only way he'd been able to survive those Wraith filled years on the run was to suppress all his baser needs. Women. Drink. Wealth. Everything was pushed down into a box and shoved away to the furthest back corners of his mind. Except the need to kill Wraith. That he gave free rein to. But this? This was different.

Now he understood why the snack bag said "Betcha can't eat just one."
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In honor of Sci-Fi showing the episode "Maternal Instincts" tonight in their 'Stargate:SG-1' slot [one of my favorites BTW], I dug this up out of the 'completed' folder. It's original write date is something like 2001 with a quick rewrite in 2003. Even over time, I still like how it came out.

Read more... )

Oh Lord...

Jan. 31st, 2008 05:21 pm
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I *can't* believe I signed up for *another* fic-a-thon. SGA Gen Fic-a-Thon

If you're at all interested, run fast and sign up. Today's the deadline. Don't leave me out here alone by myself. Misery loves company.

Min. 2000 words. Oy!
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Finally! Here's my piece for the "The Czech is in the Male Thing-a-Thon". Late, as most of my writing has been of late, but at least I'm writing again. And, again, over 500 words. I must be on a roll or something.

Anyway, here's a little Radek Zelenka /Evan Lorne piece I hope you'll like. It's not very slashy, but I like the potential is presents.

Title: Radek’s Flock
Author: Rowan [ profile] seticat
Pairing: Radek Zelenka / Evan Lorne
Rating: PG [only because it implies the possibilities]
Recipient: rosewildeirish
Word Count: 2303
Spoilers: S4 “Quarantine”
Author's Note: This was written for the “Czech is in the Male” fic exchange. The prompts given me were ‘snark, affection, peril’. Well… two out of three ain’t bad unless you count being around Rodney as always being in peril of some sort. There is one that fits all three concepts running around in the back of my head, but it’s refusing to come out of its burrow right now. Perhaps another time. The inspiration for this comes from several canon areas – I’m sure no one will have trouble guessing what. The fact that Radek has a sister is canon, but the name used here is one I gave her in a back story challenge fic I wrote called “Wings”.

I have been ‘way behind on getting things done so my pure and heartfelt thanks to [ profile] amycat1959for her lightning fast help in the dark of the night.

Read more... )
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In a previous post I mentioned the piece "Song for a Winter's Night" and the fact that I had committed song-fic based on this piece quite a while ago. I decided to go ahead and post the piece here. This is one of the very first pieces of SG fic I ever wrote and was done before I entered my 'Angel of Death' fic phase. I think it's weathered the years fairly well. Like most of my SG-1 and SGA fic, it's slashy, but there's nothing to it other than an implied established relationship.

Maybe, one day, I'll finish off the companion piece that's been languishing on my drive since forever.

“Winter's Night"
Author: Rowan [ profile] seticat
Written : 7/31/1991 [bit of a rewrite 5/5/02]
Rewrite: 5/5/2002
Category: slash, ER, Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: none
Sequel: none
Ratings: PG-13 , bit of 'language', implied m/m relationship
Content: Smarm
Warnings: none
Summery: The following says it best. "Loving is not just caring deeply, it's, above all, understanding." - Francoise Sagan
Terminology: TDY = 'Temporary DutY' Roughly, to be sent away from your assigned duty station to do something else for however long they want you to go there and do it.
BX = the Base Exchange. Think ‘7-11’ on base. The kind of place that provides a bit of ‘this and that’ when you’re away from home.
Disclaimer: The original idea for this story was a long, dark night and a new CD. I credit "Song For a Winter's Night" sung by Sarah McLaughlin and Composed by Gordon Lightfoot, cut taken from the "Due South - Volume II" soundtrack, as my inspiration and recommend it to all and sundry. The CD I sited as the source in the story does exist.
As for the rest, Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate Productions, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended.

The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author. This story may be archived on "The Alpha Gate". Others, please check with me first. I reserve the right to re-edit as necessary.

Note: // Italics indicate thoughts. //

Read more... )


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