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The first wave closed Wednesday and I saw this today on the list.


"Amazing + What You Can Do Next Week + LR Update" in help_haiti.

We've added the numbers. We've checked them all twice.

Not quite half of the pledges have been confirmed yet, and we still have a few more pages to check through in the Lightning Round, but at this point, we can state that over $50,000 has already been donated to various relief organizations to help Haiti rebuild.

And if all the pledges are kept and the sums donated, help_haiti will have raised nearly $115,000.00.

Nearly one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars.

I want to use sparkly text and fireworks and a very large font, but for the sake of decorum, I won't. You can in the comments section, though!

And that doesn't even include the "on the side" donations that so many of us have done in thanks for the wonderful Offerors who've gone above and beyond their offer to write additional stories, create additional art, bake extra cookies, etc. Nor does it include all the rounding up people are doing - donating ten when their total was seven, or a hundred dollars when their total was eighty eight bucks.

As of now, there are 40 pages of confirmed donations - the sum of the confirmed donations is $43142.82.

As of now, the total confirmed as donated from the Lightning Round is just about $7,000.

Yes, that is over fifty thousand dollars in confirmed donations - plus we know at least three thousand additional dollars have been donated through people rounding up and our wonderful Anon who donated $1500 to UNICEF.

We haven't tallied the totals from the Requests yet, but we are sure they will be lovely, glorious and spectacular.


To sum this up, there are confirmed donations of $43,142.82 and a total pledged amount of over $155,000.00.

Way to go, folks!
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I understand that the folks in Haiti needed medical care and troops on the ground hours after the quake happened - food and water and shelter and everything, basically. I really do.

But since most of the US deployable medical strength [troops, supplies, mobile medical units, etc] are currently deployed overseas, I don't see how we could have sent US military medical folks there faster.

I just needed to get that out because I'm getting frustrated with all the stuff coming out on the TV about how we [the US] 'should' have done things differently, gotten stuff there faster, etc. I've done disaster work and it can honestly take a fair amount of lead time to get the ball rolling, especially when the damage is as wide spread as this, the harbor is trashed, the airport is dinky and there's next to no fuel anywhere. You really want to try and help and get folks in to help, but please remember that for every person who lands to help, they will also require food and water and some sort of shelter for them along with whatever they can bring in for others.

And on another personal note, doctors and nurses are good, but what a disaster needs the first couple of days are all the paramedics and EMTs you can get your hands on. Folks who are more often trained to make due with less, to improvise and make something work. I love docs and nurses, don't get me wrong - hell, I've worn the nurses cap from time to time, but the skills of these folks require equipment most of the time: EKGs, lab work, suture kits, etc. Parameds and EMTs [both civ and military] are more likely to think 'outside of the box'. Their skills are more hands-on. They're more likely to grab a cardboard box right off the bat to make a makeshift splint that to spend time look for a real one. That certainly doesn't take away from the need for real supplies [Iv's and such], but I think field trained folks could be more useful.

I'm just frustrated, can you tell? I want to be *there*! Doing something to help and I know I'd be more of a impediment than a benefit. But that doesn't change the feelings...
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I've posted the links to the help_haiti LJ community auction and three groups links for Hatian Relief donations: Network for Food via Fox Network, CNN's Impact links collection and Google's collection of links. These will be checked from time to time to make sure everything there is still valid. if you find something off with one of the links, please let me know.
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echoed from[info]flingslass.

If you are in Australia then here are the links to help Haiti.


World Vision: Phone 13 32 40 or visit   

Oxfam: Phone 1800 088 110 or visit

Save the Children Australia:  Phone 1800 76 00 11 or visit

CBM: Phone 1800 678 069 or visit

Red Cross Australia: Phone 1800 811 700 or visit


Jan. 13th, 2010 10:47 pm
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[echoed from the An Tir SCA kingdom list].

"Costco members are now able to donate at the registers when they check out. Just ask your cashier to add the amount to your order."

Check with you local Costco.
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There may well be a fair number of ongoing commentary on this situation so be aware. Skip if you want or read if you want.

There's now a community called [ profile] help_haiti. Are you a fic writer and willing to write something for a donation? Here's the place. Do art? Read cards? Something? Here's a place where you can do something hands on and still have the finances go out to those who need it. Go check it out and see if this would work for you.

More charity and donation links:

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres

Portlight Strategies, who have announced plans to help "people with disabilities in Haiti...providing medical equipment, shelter, and food for them..."

Red Cross (International Site)

Red Cross Red Crescent

OXFAM America


MercyCorps - you can donate via PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments

American Friends Service Committee (Quakers)

Consider texting "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross relief efforts. The $10 will show up on your next cell phone bill. Even if you can't do something directly, echo this info far and wide. Imagine if only 1 person in every 100 gave $10. That would be almost $300,000.00. [assuming a population of approx 3,000,000 unless my math is really fubar].


Jan. 13th, 2010 01:20 pm
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'Nuff said.

The photos coming out of that area are, frankly, horrific. It's hard to get an actual perspective on the total amount of damage. When you start talking in numbers like 'hundreds of thousands of dead', my brain shorts out. I know I was taught mass cal triage and the like, but numbers like this makes all of that meaningless. When you have this much physical environment and building damage, all the medical care in the world means squat if you can't physically extricate the patients and get them to care. This is triage of the harshest sort: get the ones you can and than try for those more deeply trapped. And try to get medical care, clean water, food and some form of shelter to any and all who need it.

It's a heartbreaking situation.

Some will make it through being trapped. They may or may not be the lucky ones depending on what else is going on around them and to them and their family, if they have anyone left.

I know the economy is tight, but if you can spare even a little bit, we're talking an entire county devastated here. The "CNN Impact" website lists many different organizations where you can direct funds. Believe me, in a situation like this, money does a lot more than items. Unlike a local disaster where physically supplies can be put to use, in a long distance situation like this, the cost of two thrift shop blankets can be stretched to equal a lot more of the supplies actually needed on the ground.

If you can, put a donation can out at your church, your place of work, at a club or group meeting. Every little bit will help now and in the weeks to come.

EDIT: Just so you know I put my money where my mouth was, I already scrounged $10 for the Red Cross. I hope there are folks out there who can match me on this - to the charity of your choice.


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