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Straight from the news room of South West Idaho News Network – your home town news team.

Zombie Ant Apocalypse Taking Place in Small SW Idaho Home!

Terror stricken citizens contact local religious leaders and chemical-biological warfare specialists in the hopes of quelling the advancing horde.

Doomsday Cult Leaders stating: “This is the end of all Days!”

Local units of the Zombie Squad contacted to provide specialized training and support to local forces.

Civic and government leaders encourage all private citizens to remain in their homes.

State Governor to declare martial law.

{ .......... oh crap .............. they're back........................... }
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Eddie [Edward Maurice JamesCat, the Marmalade Marauder] has been going street rat crazy over my pant legs for the last 5 minutes. I've finally figure out why.

I just got in from mowing the lawn.

More importantly, I just got in from mowing the lawn and the various flower bed edgings where *all* the very mature Nepeta cataria plants are drooping down over the lawn to get mowed.

I have grass clippings liberally laced with nip all over the bottom of my pant legs

Stoner Kitteh!

I'm glad someone is getting something out of my having to mow a third of an acre of high prairie lawn in the middle of an Idaho summer day.

Oh, great. Henry [Henry Richard JamesCat, the Grey Zeppalin aka: 'Double Wide'] just discovered the other leg.


Mar. 15th, 2011 08:27 pm
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Okay, the occasional bug in the house I can deal with. Depending on what it is, it is scooped up and taken outdoors or smashed flat. So not counting the whole 'ants trying to take over the bathroom' incident of a few months ago, things have been okay since I've moved in here over a year and a half ago.

But not once, no, not twice, but THREE FREAKIN' TIMES I've had 'ant bombs' in the living room. An 'ant bomb' [in my short hand] is one of those eruptions that seem to have a specific center and then spread out in a wave in a 360 degree circle from the center. THREE of them! Tonight's I thought was just a dark spot on the floor when I may have missed a spot of dried kitty puke so I grabbed some wet paper towels to clean it up.

And it MOVED!!!!

So... several applications of not at all safe bug spray [I haven't been able to find commercial pyrethrin based pesticides anywhere around here so far]. laying down towels over the bug spray [more for me so I could walk around], lots of moving furniture around, more spraying, about 4 complete washings with my Swifter, a clean water rinse and now many bath towels laid down on the floor so the cat's paws won't touch any residual I think I'm good.

For tonight.

The first set of towels are in the garbage [because of toxins and a lot of dead ants], a couple of chests are up on wooden blocks, fresh towels are on the floor [with the others plastic bagged to go into the wash ASAP] and my shoes and pants changed - just in case.

Have I ever mentioned how much I really, REALLY hate bugs?

And yes, I've been in the South. Heck I spent a month in Israel with bugs bigger then the palm of my hand. But those were 'there' and this is 'here'. And this was the 'third... freakin'... TIME'! This is not like it's coming out of a corner of the room or something that would make sense. This is right in the middle of a clear patch of floor.


Added note: And now I have a headache. DAMN! Okay - the fan is now on and blowing out the open front door. To be honest, I'm not too worried that the cats got exposed to anything. I shut them in the bedroom [where they like to stay on the bed most of the time] until I was totally done, I 'was' leaning down several times to look at the floor and I 'am' a bit sensitive to organophophate.

Long story short involving bugs at another location many years ago, husband and I spraying, not thinking much about it, sleeping on the floor right near there and my waking up in the morning with a screaming headache, some drooling and pin point pupils.

Field diagnosis: nerve agent [organophophate] poisioning.

I *knew* all those Army courses I took in NBC would come in handy.
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Some thoughts:

I was amazed just how easy it was here. I mailed in a request for registration. I got a phone call from the local county voter registration ofice asking for my SSN to verify my driver's license #. Showed up at my local polling place, showed my ID [military, etc] and signed in. Was given a couple of paper ballots that I too to my little cardboard cube, filled out and slipped in the sealed ballot box. And that was it. In and out time about 5 minutes not counting a bit of chatting. If I hadn't been able to pre-reg like I did, I could have signed an 'Personal Identification Affidavit' stating I'm really who I say I am and I live in Idaho at the time of the elections.

They are trying to make voting as easy and as accessable as possible here. Idahoans take their civil liberties *very* seriously. Which, in my opinion, is good.

Other than the indivudual positions: govenor, senator, etc., there were only four seperate issues. That really facinated me as they were so simple and basic, compaired to wsome of the resolutions I've seem trying to be passed in WA. Reader's Digest veions are as follows.

SJR-101: Should the Board of Regents of the University of Idaho be able to charge students tuition. The U of I was created before Idaho statehood and was set up to provide free education. Right now, the U of I charges no tutition, only student fees. Student fees cannot be used to pay for classroom instruction. All of the other state-supported colleges and universities in Idaho have the authority to charge tuition, and this amendment specifies that the University of Idaho will have the same authority.

HJR-4: This proposed amendment will allow public hospitals to acquire facilities, equipment, technology and real property through a variety of means that aid the public hospital operations, as long as the acquisitions are paid for solely from charges, rents or payments derived from the existing or financed facilities and are not funded by property taxes. Under current Idaho constitutional provisions, public hospitals, as subdivisions of the state of Idaho, have limited ability to incur debt without the approval of a two-thirds vote at an election held for that purpose. This proposed amendment will provide a limited alternative to that two-thirds vote requirement. The use of tax dollars to finance these kinds of investments is prohibited.

HJR-5: Currently, local governmental entities that operate airports and regional airport authorities cannot incur indebtedness without the approval of a two-thirds vote at an election held for that purpose. This
proposed amendment will allow local governmental entities that operate airports and regional airport authorities to issue revenue and special facility bonds to acquire, construct, install and equip land,
facilities, buildings, projects or other property. Voter approval will not be required to incur such indebtedness, as long as the bonds are paid for by fees, charges, rents, payments, grants or other
revenues derived from the airport or its facilities. The use of tax dollars to repay such bonds is prohibited.

HJR-7: Two Parts - This proposed amendment has two parts. The first part will allow any city owning a municipal electric system to acquire, construct, install and equip electrical generating, transmission and distribution facilities for the purpose of supplying electricity to customers within its service area. The city will be authorized to issue revenue bonds to pay for such facilities, with the assent of a majority of the qualified voters, provided that these bonds are paid for by the electrical system rates and charges, or revenues derived from the municipal electric system, and not with tax dollars.

The second part of this proposed amendment will allow any city owning a municipal electric system to enter into agreements to purchase, share, exchange or transmit wholesale electricity to customers
within its service area, without voter approval. Any indebtedness or liability from these agreements will be paid for by the electrical system rates and charges, or revenues derived from the municipal
electric system, and not with tax dollars.

It's going to be interesting to see what all happens. There are basically four major parties officially registered here in the state: Republican, Democrat, Constitutinal and Libertarian. But if you want to consider the split off in the Republicans by the Tea Party Movement, it really makes 5. This is a pretty heavy conservbitive Republicain state. I mean *Really* conservitive Republican. A lot of the incumbants for the 'lesser offices' like Coroner, etc. are Republicans running unopposed. There are several candidates I totally disagree with and for those out there who know me, you know that they are, most likely, Republicans.

As I said, we'll see what happens.
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... but I think I'm in love. "Holy Clothing"

And a *whole* bunch of cool things on sale.

Maybe next month if I can free up a bit of cash.
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2 GB isn't much these days, but enough for some things. This is a 'just in case you're interested' sort of thing. I do admit to a slight ulterior motive though - if you click the link to Mozy and sign up, I get a little bit of extra space free.

I guess it's more that I want to see if this system works. if so, I may sign up for the unlimited package which is @ $5/month.

That is all...
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Everyone has that 'thing', or collection of 'things', that they need to do every now and than to remind themselves why that particular 'thing' is always a bad idea. Trying to sneak that bowl of Three Fire Alarm chili knowing that you'll pay for it all night long. Getting your straight hair permed knowing full well you'll look like you stuck your finger in a light socket for months.

Or reaching into the microwave to snag out a bag of steamed veggies only to have the bag slip, open itself and let loose a blast of steam worthy of an old locomotive all over your fingers.

I can be such a slow learner at times.

[currently trying to type with one hand while clutching a small, frozen 'York' peppermint pattie between two fingers...]

Addenda: No, it's not that bad. It got the inner lateral aspect of my right index finger. No blistering or anything. But steam burns just hurt like hell and I want to winge a bit. And I will have my revenge.

With a dab of butter and a light dusting of shredded cheese.

I so wish.

Jan. 11th, 2009 06:35 pm
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funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

I'm having an exactly opposite day. [Fighting off the 'Nap Monster']
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Well, I can still count base 10 on my toes, but only base nine on my toe nails. And the local anesthetic block is beginning to wear off. But hopefully this will take care of the recurrent ingrown toenail.

The plans for the rest of the day are comprised of bed, the cats, a lot of yarn and TV/DVD/movies.

And drugs. Come on Tylenol with codeine!


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