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'Other Son of Bug Buster' was by late Saturday afternoon and gave the back of the bottom cabinets/drawers and the baseboards a spray of some sort of sticky emulsion that will create a barrier. 'Either Son of Bug Busters' will be back either Monday or Tuesday [depending on the weather] to go around the outside of the house foundation.

Status report so far: not one single little hexaped seen.

Of course, I'm still keeping the kitchen light on because I don't want any surprises.

The really fun/interesting about this whole experience? 'Both Sons of Bug Buster' know this house inside and out because the used to come over than play here with all the other area kids back when this was a lot more rural area. Father Bug Buster' [who is no longer dealing with bugs on Earth, but probably manages any needed pest control in the Afterlife] knew G'ma and G'pa Johnson quite well which may explain why both son's were willing to come out at a minutes notice on a weekend to spray this place.

They probably know this place better then I do.

Gotta love the small town rural life.

Ya know...

Nov. 4th, 2011 03:08 am
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...when you head into the kitchen at 'Oh-Dark-Awful' to make your self a pre-bedtime snack, flip on the light switch and all the little black specks you thought were 'poppy seeds' on the surface of the breadboard start heading for cover, they may not be poppy seeds.


2.5 hours later all the counter tops have been sprayed with a 'biologically safe' ant spray and then washed back down, all the dishes in the dish drainer have been rewashed, all the appliances have been wiped down, the floor vacuumed [twice] & the base boards sprayed with self same spray. I didn't do the breakfast nook tonight because I didn't see any of the little bastards there [only by the kitchen sink] and didn't want to end up shifting everything to the other side of the kitchen, doing all of that and then shifting it back. [I have a tiny, narrow, one-butt kitchen], but I'll do that tomorrow.

Ghod, but I *hate* bugs inside!!!

Gonna hit Home Despot or somewhere tomorrow and get the industrial sized bottle of ant spray to go around the outside edges of the house - again. And if those little bastards come back and try to set up camp like they did last year in the bathroom, I'm calling in the 'Big Guns' [tm]. I still have the business card from the 'Bug Busters' who came by last year.

I know bugs have their own little ecological niche in the food chain and all, but that niche is *not* in my house!

This incident may put me off poppy seeds for the rest of my life.

Just sayin'...

UPDATE: After two more breakouts this am and afternoon, I've called in the 'Bug Busters'. It's like calling in an air strike, I know, but this house was owner built in the early 50's and simply has too many nooks and things for me to deal with. And this is the same guy who took the ants on last winter when they made a surgical strike to invade the bathroom. He's used to working in food production areas and knows what to use and not to use.

And to be honest, I simply can't wait a week or so to see if any of the 'remedies' I've tried so far actually do anything. There's something about pulling out the breadboard and have a swarm of 'poppy seeds' come out at you that induces a shrill, piercing girly scream out of me. It's like last winter. Picture if you will, sinking into a nice hot relaxing bath only to realize there's a crowd of six-legged voyeurs staring at you and your 'privates'. Or living in mortal fear of one of them crawling in under the rim of the toilet seat and coming to visit just after you've sat down.

I am *not* going back to that 'scary place' again. VA doesn't have enough meds to deal with the aftermath.

UPDATE Part Duex: 'Son of Bug Buster' will be coming out tomorrow to deliver the needed 'Chemical Warfare Agents'. Which is probably a better solution then my digging a moat, filling it with gelled gasoline and tossing in a flare...
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Call me late to the picnic here, but I think I've finally got a handle of the whole 'House-Wilson' round-table enablement thing.

House is a hopeless cause. Wilson is an oncologist and has made his life and career out of fighting hopeless causes and giving hope to those with no hope.

It only makes sense that he sees House as his biggest challenge and is driven to find a way to 'give him hope'.

House provides this focus of need for Wilson and this gives him a sense of ... well ... being needed himself. In a twisted, totally back-handed way, of course. Not counting the fact that House specializes in hopeless causes himself.

The needy provides for the needy who, in turn, returns the need.

Kind of a mobius strip of dysfunction. Scary social math there.

Just my personal theory. But an interesting thought.

Oh MY!

Sep. 14th, 2008 09:14 pm
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House and Wilson. How have I been missing this. :}

That is all...
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OMG! The USA Network is running a 2 day 'House MD' marathon!

Finally someone who not only hunts for more zebras* but finds more than I do. And I am a professional level zebra hunter.

* Zebra is a slang medical term for an obscure and unlikely diagnosis from ordinary symptoms. It's comes from the aphorism "When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras".


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