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Scary, but true.

XKCD "seismic waves"
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funny pictures-My chemical imbalance... let me show you it.
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
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Passed on to me by a friend.

"I can't understand why Pastor Terry Jones wants to burn a copy of the Koran when there are so many Twilight books lying around."

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[ profile] lupabitch pointed me toward this:

This awesome Byzantine-icon-style painting of Cthulu

I have just the spot on my wall for it.
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Usually in the interaction of car vs dog, the dog is seldom the winner.  But this is not what happened in the case of 'Winston the dog vs the Chattanooga Police Dept'.

Here are videos from two different perspectives of Winston taking on a Chattanooga Police cruiser and coming away the winner.

The officer was stationed in his car, shooting radar, when his vehicle suddenly started rocking. Winston attacked his front bumper, ripping it to shreds and then moved on to the tires puncturing them. Police tried a taser on Winston, but it still didn't stop him. He damaged several vehicles before his rampage was over, but he never attacked any humans. On March 25th, a judge gave Winston sixth month probation and mandatory Doggie Rehab [obedience school].

No word on what happened to his accomplices.
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It's all [ profile] ysabetwordsmith's fault. Really!

"Alien vs. Pooh" - as presented in crayon.

Go on, you know you want to.
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The story behind the cartoon is this:

NASA: Mars Rover Will Likely Rove No More
by Joe Palca

January 26, 2010 NASA is abandoning for now plans to try to extricate the Mars Exploration Rover named Spirit from a sand trap it has been stuck in since April 2009.

The decision has been forced on mission managers by the Martian weather; it will soon be winter in the area where Spirit is stuck.

Just like on Earth, during the Martian winter, the sun is lower in the sky. That means less sunlight will reach the Spirit's solar panels, and that means less power to operate the rover.

Full article here

Poor little Spirit - all alone in the deep, dark night.
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Totally stolen from [ profile] ysabetwordsmith because it is so *so* true.

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Cause, meet effect. Sometimes science can be so simple.
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Grabbed and forward from [ profile] zellieh because it simply has to be. Just an example that it's not only the TARDIS that's 'bigger on the inside'.

Dr Ten

I wouldn't call it totally 'safe for work because of the wording, but the pictures are fine.
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You decide.

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Both 'Harry Potter' and 'Shaun of the Dead'.

That is all...
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Yet another addition to my ongoing "Twilight" commentary.

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i can speek na'vi!

I may need to use this as my new wallpaper.

Lovin' it.

Jan. 3rd, 2010 05:15 pm
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I keep forgetting just how funny "Hot Fuzz" really is. One of my 'guilty pleasure' films and a great spoof on cop films.

Another Simon Pegg/Nick Frost gem right up there with "Shaun of the Dead" which is another of my 'guilty pleasure' flick.


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