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American Censorship Protest

I didn't wear the uniform of this country for 20-some years to have that same country tell me what I can and can't see on the internet. Mozilla is just one of several organizations listed on the web page supporting this protest. I am sure there are quite a few more.

Go. Look. Make up your own mind. I know I made up mine.
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I've been getting a lot of requests from folks who are on some of the same lists I'm on asking me to 'join them on Grouply'. For those who have missed this so far, Grouply is a third party service that has created a social networking front-end to on line discussion groups and forums. Right now it supports Yahoo Groups and Google Groups. I still don't understand how this is supposed to make things easier - to me it's more confusing.

But more importantly I've gotten 'friend' offers from folks who never actually sent me one. That concerns me that the system is somehow linking into people's address books and sending out requests. Over the last few weeks I've heard too many lists and individuals having problems after they've agreed to either sign up 'with' Grouply or agreed to be added as a friend to someone else who is already on Grouply.

So if you send me an email saying you want to be my friend and joining you on Grouply - it won't happen. Nothing personal, but I don't want the world having my email address.


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