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If I find out anyone on my friends list has cross-posted anything from my LJ on either Face Book or Twitter without my express 'you actually came and asked me and just didn't assume it was okay' permission, you earn a perma-ban and *will* be named on this LJ so others will know that a person's privacy doesn't seem to be a concern of yours.

That is all.

Note: Bumped up from a reply comment below.

Common things like memes, vids and such are fine. This was aimed more at my 'closed friends lists' where I tend to open up about more personal things. Or my fic. I don't know if I want my slash fic out on Twitter or Facebook.

Personally I don't Tweet and I avoid Facebook like the plague. Every time I've been near Facebook, I've ended up getting a virus dispite a lot of antivirus and firewall layers.

And hopefully, with a bit of CSS tweak, this will no longer be a problem. I think I've got the whole thing shut off.
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Can anyone out there give me some clues on how to edit my 'tags'? They've grown to a ridiculous number and I want to cut the number back and consolidate things.



Dec. 18th, 2008 12:26 am
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Someone I've friended has a picture that simple won't load in my inbox. And since it won't load, I can't get my inbox to load totally so I can't figure out which entry is kludging the whole mess up. And this means I CAN'T DELETE THE FRACKING POST!!!

Any suggestions out there? I've tried both IE and Firefox. I've tried refreshing the LJ page. I've tried stopping the load and reloading off the browser task bar. I've tried everything I can think of for the last half hour.

This is really pissing me off. :{
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I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to go through and readjust the individual sizes, but I finally got my new mood theme up tonight. My thanks to Dar Wolverine for it's creation.
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I lost Live Journal for 5 hours. Nothing else. All my other web hits went through. It wasn't an app problem, it was just anything with livejournal. and Comcast Lice Chat spent almost a full hours [2 different reps] trying to get things working and in the end we put in a work ticket.

And then 10 minutes after I logged off with them - it's back.

[happy dance!]
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If you've managed to miss this on someone else's LJ, please go here, read and cast your votes.

Advisory Board Nominations. If you want to change your vote later, go here:Change your vote here

Please, please, PLEASE read the different candidates platforms. Who knows - LJ may actually take this seriously and this may be our chance to be represented.
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Okay folks out there who know how to do this LJ stuff better than I, *IF* I should get off my tush and come up with the code somewhere [either html or css], how do I upload/modify theme code to LJ? Right now all I want to do is add a banner at the top of the page and change the heading font style and size, but I absolutely suck at css and the FAQ on LJ isn't coming across very clear to me.

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LJ had problems during the massive power failure in SF a few days ago. So, if you have a paid account, you can click here.


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