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Found this on one of my 'Firefly' lists and had to check it out.

Yep. 'Firefly Rap'. It's not bad and I'm not a rap music person at all.

There's an article describing it here:'Rapper Releases Tribute to Joss Whedon's Firefly'

And even better? You can download the entire album free right here.

A Big Browncoat Thanks to Adam WarRock & Mikal kHill for creating "The Browncoats Mixtape!".
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Okay, a total change of mood with my other favorite holiday song. FWIW it really doesn't snow anywhere near this much in the lower areas of W. Washington especially since the areas being shown are in/around the City of Gig Harbor which is at sea level on the Puget Sound right on the water.

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I know, I drag this one out every year. But it's something I feel we all need to remember. When all is said and done, no matter the cause, be it just or unjust; no matter who won or who lost, in the end we are all someone's daughter or son.

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[Error: unknown template qotd] There are a lot, but the two that come to mind right off the bat:

Lee Greenwood's "Born to Be an American".
The night before my unit deployed to the Gulf back in 1990, we had a 'nursing unit gathering' at one of the rec centers. Not everyone came, which in some ways was good. We were a 1000 bed general hospital with a staffing of around 375 folks assigned to nursing. To meet those numbers we had to pull from other units from pretty much everywhere and many of us had never met before this week. As the evening came to a close, the finial piece the DJ played was 'Born to Be an American'. Little groups began to form all throughout the room, merging into bigger and bigger groups. And with arms around each other's shoulders we started singing along. This disparate groups of people, brought together from all parts of the US West Coast, came together as one - at least for those few moments.

Pete Seeger's "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"
We'd been in country for a couple of days and things were still pretty quiet. It was still 'Operation Desert Shield' and hadn't transformed into 'Operation Desert Storm' quite yet. I was up in my 3rd floor billets room doing a pile of paperwork with the window open trying to catch whatever breeze there might be. And then I heard a faint voice singing. I couldn't make out the words so I went to the window and hung my head out and heard somewhere down below in the quadrangle between the four buildings we were housed in singing "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" Over the next minute another voice joined in, and then another. And then everyone in the quad was singing.

So here we were, this collection of young and old, all who had taken 'The King's Schilling' and answered the call when it came for them to deploy, getting ready to face an unknown war, singing one of the premier anti-war songs of the '60's. But not singing in anger, not with malice, just gently and softly and with the hope that nothing would happen, no one would be harmed and we could all go home to our lives and loved ones. As strange as it may sound, at that moment, it wasn't a song of protest, but one of hope.

Two very simple songs that captured all the feelings of those few months in '90-'91.
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Okay, I don't really like performance reality shows or ones like "Survivor: Where-ever". They want a Survivor show, toss some of these Gen-Xers our on the street for a month and see who makes it. Life style shows like Deadliest Catch' or weird shows like 'Mythbusters', that's different. But tonight, I found The Sing Off, and I think I'm in love. I'll tell you up front I have a weak spot for a cappella and I was afraid that I'd be over critical, but...


Okay, not all of them so far, but the evening isn't over yet. But now I'm bummed that I missed the first night of this. I'll definitely be on the look out for the rest of it and go back on line and catch the first performances.
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These two online radio stations have been added to my old tried-and-True 'Live 365' radio station, creating more on-line live streaming loves.

First up will be 'SOMA FM Commercial Free Radio' based out of the San Fran area. They stream a wide variety of genes.

SomaFM commercial free internet radio

SomaFM has several ecletic channels:

Our playlists are updated live via the recently played tracks link, which shows the last 15 songs played. Forther song histories are available via the Twitter link at the end of the listing.

Our charts show the top artists, tracks and newest adds for our channels. Charts are listed by spin (the number of times we played the song that week) and by listeners, which is the sum of the number of people listening to a channel each time we played that song or artist.

And than there's 'Radio Rivendell' for those times you want to feel like just sitting down sharing a cool pull of draught just before leaving to discover how many weeks it will take you to hike from Longbottom to Rivendell.

For those who are online and can stream music into your gaming or virtual life environments, I've found these two group to be pretty easy. I know there are a lot of shoutcast streams out there, but Rivendell is currently the one I have playing in my little snow dusted corner of Second Life - the place I call 'The Barrowdowns' on the North-East corner of the Eternal Calm sim. Normally I have my security system in place because having a ;ot of unknowns dropping in on me make me a bit nuts, but for the holidays I have it off. So if you're a SL gridder, Come visit the Barrowdowns and say 'hi' to Tmayla Rotaru, the land owner there: sometimes in human guise and sometimes wear feline fur. It just depends.
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I had *no* clue these folks were out there. 24/7 free streaming fantasy, Celtic and such music.

"Radio Rivendell"

Go. Listen. Enjoy.
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My recommendation is to watch this and enjoy. But you might want to put your drink down first.

Note: The actually singing was done by an acapella group called Moosebutter, but the vid was created with their approval.
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This is a relay from [ profile] katmoonshaker LJ who found it on someone elses. There's no way to explain this, you have to experience this.

It's ... interesting.

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My guitar calluses are *really* out of shape. :{

But that's what happens when you don't pick the damn thing up for a year or so.


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