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Signal boosted from [ profile] freyas_fire lj.

Please help keep D. Landreth Seed Co. open for business " by [info]freyas_fire.

"When Barbara Melera took over the struggling D. Landreth Seed Co. in 2003, she was determined to turn it around. And she did.

With about $1 million borrowed from 20 friends and family members, and two outsider investors, she overhauled the company. It's finally turning a profit.

Even so, the nation's oldest seed house, which dates to 1784 and counted as customers every president from George Washington to FDR, is in trouble. While friends and family are waiting it out, the two outside investors, who lent $250,000 and $175,000, want to be paid back, and the money isn't there.

Debt could take this historic house down, but not without a fight from Melera. She's working 18 hours a day, frenetically trying to raise money to save Landreth, which is based in New Freedom, Pa., near the Maryland border.

"I knew this was a big undertaking," she says. "I'm not going to give up."

The crisis surfaced in May 2010, when investor Liz King of Petaluma, Calif., sued to recover her $250,000; the note was due at the end of 2009. A Baltimore judge ruled in her favor and, on Aug. 30 of this year, froze Landreth's accounts.

Without a reprieve, Melera says she cannot keep the business going beyond Friday.

Her immediate goal is to raise $150,000 to $175,000 by then from seed sales and advance orders for the 100-page, 2012 catalog. The hope is that this will persuade the two outside investors to negotiate payment schedules and allow Landreth to continue operating."

Follow link for full story.

As of today, they were up to $121,000.

All they ask is people order a catalog for $5 - but I guarantee that as soon as you start poking around their website, you'll order more than a catalog. Got my order placed already for crocus, tulips, and some container garden seeds. When I figure out exactly how much room I have in my new back yard and on my porch, I may order more. I would love some amaryllis to force bloom inside for the holidays.

Facebook page:

I promised people that when I could, I would pay it forward...I intend to do just that, as often as I can. :) We simply cannot afford to lose any more good independent businesses in PA. Please feel free to copy and paste this to your own LJ's.

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Recall Alert - Wellness Canned Cat Food

WellPet, makers of Wellness® natural pet food, are voluntarily recalling some lots of their canned cat foods due to potentially insufficient amounts of vitamin B1 (also known as thiamine).

From Wellness:
The lots involved in this voluntary recall are:

· Wellness Canned Cat (all flavors and sizes) with best by dates from 14APR 13 through 30SEP13;

· Wellness Canned Cat Chicken & Herring (all sizes) with best by date of 10NOV13 and 17NOV13.

If you have cat food from these lots, you should stop feeding it to your cats. You may call WellPet at 1-877-227-9587 to arrange for return of the product and reimbursement.

Early signs of thiamine deficiency may include loss of appetite, salivation, vomiting and weight loss. In advanced cases, signs may include ventroflexion (downward curving) of the neck, wobbly gait, falling, circling and seizures. If treated promptly, thiamine deficiency is typically reversible.Please contact your veterinarian immediately if your cat is displaying any of these signs.

You can return any affected product to your local PSP store for a full refund.

Read full letter from Wellness CEO Tim Callahan about this recall below.

Dear Pet Parents,

My name is Tim Callahan and I'm the CEO of WellPet, makers of Wellness® natural pet food. Over the years, we at WellPet have worked hard to earn the reputation of being a company that does everything possible for the pets that depend on us.

WellPet is committed to delivering the very best in pet food nutrition, as nothing is more important than the well-being of our dogs and cats. So when we found through product quality testing that specific product runs of our Wellness canned cat food might contain less than adequate levels of thiamine (also known as Vitamin B1), we decided to voluntarily recall them.

Please know, the vast majority of products tested had the appropriate levels of thiamine; however, with the number of recipes we offer, we did not want to make this more confusing. Therefore to avoid confusion and in an abundance of caution, we have decided to recall all canned cat products with the specific date codes noted below. Cats fed only product with inadequate levels of thiamine for several weeks may be at risk for developing a thiamine deficiency. If treated promptly, thiamine deficiency is typically reversible.

Though the chance of developing this deficiency is remote, withdrawing these products is the right thing to do and we are removing it from retailers' shelves.

The lots involved in this voluntary recall are:

Wellness Canned Cat (all flavors and sizes) with best by dates from 14APR 13 through 30SEP13;

Wellness Canned Cat Chicken & Herring (all sizes) with best by date of 10NOV13 and 17NOV13.

If you have cat food from these lots, you should stop feeding it to your cats. You may call WellPet at 1-877-227-9587 to arrange for return of the product and reimbursement.

No other Wellness products that your pets currently enjoy are impacted, so you can continue to feed your pets Wellness with full confidence. This is an isolated situation, as we have had only one reported issue. We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure it does not happen again.

Speaking on behalf of our entire Company, I apologize for any concerns this may have caused you. As a parent of a yellow lab named Hope, I understand the sense of responsibility we all share for our dogs and cats. Rest assured, product quality and safety will always be our top priority.
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Just seen on [ profile] kylecassidy's LJ. Boost this signal hard and fast

I'd posted a few days back about the fire at the Widmere apartment building and the pet rescue that was going on. Things have taken an ill turn. While a number of missing pets have been spotted inside the building, in the windows of their own apartments, and in the building by security guards, the city is refusing to let rescue workers into the building and is scheduled to demolish it, with these pets still trapped inside.

I know the thought of someone taking a wrecking ball to my place with Roswell and the others still inside would be worse than losing any of my material possessions.

Time: Saturday, February 12 · 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Location 4800 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
Created By: City Kitties Rescue
More Info One month after the fire, cats are STILL ALIVE inside the Windermere Court Apartments! Read more here:

Despite obvious signs of life inside, no one took action--not the owners, not L&I, not the fire marshal, not the insurance investigators who all had access to the building. Just two days after this disaster, fire fighters said there was nothing more they could do and no possibility that cats could have survived.

Now the Windermere owners claim that the buildings' exterior doors are sealed and that L&I won't allow anyone inside ever again--and yet a maintenance man, security guards, and insurance company investigators have accessed the building as recently as today, Wednesday February 9th. Meanwhile, the owners are moving forward with demolition, knowing full well that there are still pets inside!

If you think this is wrong, if you care about the cats inside and the people who want so desperately to get them back, if you want to let the City of Philadelphia know that it should never happen again...

Join former Windermere tenants, neighborhood residents, City Kitties, and animal welfare advocates for a peaceful rally and protest:

Saturday, February 12 @ 2pm
4800 Walnut Street - in front of West Philly High School, across from the Windermere
Bring friends and signs

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Signal Boosted from [ profile] note_to_cat community. If you can't help, please boost this signal.

Dear Chicago Kitties who Desperately Need Some Help

[edited for size - sorry about that folks]
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Three adorable kitties need a home (or homes - depending) in Massachusetts--their people are also willing to drive them to new homes in the region (Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, etc.)

East Coast kittens looking for a new home
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Companion Maine Coons in Beaverton, OR have to find immediate homes for most of their cats. 'Significant Life Situations' mean they have to move ASAP. If you can't adopt a cat, please at least boost the signal.

I wish I could, but I have two elderly special needs cats [for a total of 3 indoor kids] and can't take anyone else in right now.


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