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Wow! Three posts in one day. :}

For those of you out there who wander the world of Second Life, please note that if you use the Emerald Third Party Viewer that Linden Labs will start blocking of it tomorrow at 1000. The Emerald team had some bad code that that wasn't corrected /couldn't be corrected within LL's time frame. Now it *was* a pretty nasty bit of bad code - security issues abounded. But Emerald also had some cool features: more attachment points, etc.

But for those of us who absolutely abhor LL's newest viewer, don't lose hope. Here's the approved LL list of Third Party Viewers. A TPV is one that uses the open source code that LL provides and makes it stronger... better ... faster. So to speak.

I've been using Imprudence myself for well over the last year, but I've started playing around with Phoenix and am falling in love with it. it's everything Emerald was without all the nasty security bugs. I'll probably bounce back and forth for a while and see which one I prefer.
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One of the old Emerald dev team members has gathered a new dev team and is coding a new TPV called "Phoenix" You can read about it in this blog entry From the Ashes. There are links to the new Phoenix site
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About freakin' time 'Philip Linden to return as CEO of Linden Labs'

Maybe things will start to go right for a change and we folks will start to see an improvement. Get what we need, not what someone else thinks we need of thinks is cool.
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Am I the only one who absolutely hates it? It's clunky, it's cluttered, it's busy; if you were used to the old 1/2-something viewer or one of the open source viewers [I use Imprudence or Emerald] there's no intuitive function to it at all. It's like Linden Labs is trying to give everyone everything all in one package and on one screen.

I've tried it for over a week now and unless there are some *major* designs changes I'm never going to use it.

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If you online game at all, you'll understand the frustration of this.

Just another day in my Second Life
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These two online radio stations have been added to my old tried-and-True 'Live 365' radio station, creating more on-line live streaming loves.

First up will be 'SOMA FM Commercial Free Radio' based out of the San Fran area. They stream a wide variety of genes.

SomaFM commercial free internet radio

SomaFM has several ecletic channels:

Our playlists are updated live via the recently played tracks link, which shows the last 15 songs played. Forther song histories are available via the Twitter link at the end of the listing.

Our charts show the top artists, tracks and newest adds for our channels. Charts are listed by spin (the number of times we played the song that week) and by listeners, which is the sum of the number of people listening to a channel each time we played that song or artist.

And than there's 'Radio Rivendell' for those times you want to feel like just sitting down sharing a cool pull of draught just before leaving to discover how many weeks it will take you to hike from Longbottom to Rivendell.

For those who are online and can stream music into your gaming or virtual life environments, I've found these two group to be pretty easy. I know there are a lot of shoutcast streams out there, but Rivendell is currently the one I have playing in my little snow dusted corner of Second Life - the place I call 'The Barrowdowns' on the North-East corner of the Eternal Calm sim. Normally I have my security system in place because having a ;ot of unknowns dropping in on me make me a bit nuts, but for the holidays I have it off. So if you're a SL gridder, Come visit the Barrowdowns and say 'hi' to Tmayla Rotaru, the land owner there: sometimes in human guise and sometimes wear feline fur. It just depends.
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Woo Hoo! Read the article, be informed and look for me in SL.

Creator of Discworld Meets Virtual World

Looking forward to this.
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From another SL LJ user's experience earlier today. Says it all as of late.

Have fun storming the grid.
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Couple of SL friends got bored last night and decided to film a firefight in the SGC gateroom. Remind me to *never* be late with my land rent. :}

FWIW: I 'rent' a chunk of land on a furry friendly sim called 'Eternal Calm'. I'm fairly easy to find - I'm in the north-east corner kitty-corner to the SGC. [Yep - I rent land next to Stargate Command.] My place used to be an Asian theme and now it's going over to a woodsy-elvish sort of place.

We'll see how things actually end up. That's one of the fun things about SL - you can create what you want. Just look for the 4&1/2 meter tall ginger cat. I think I'm the only feline on the sim, but don't hold me to it.
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For those of you who have followed the TV Show “Lost” and/or those who have had anything to do with Second Life, you might find this as amazing as I did.

For the record, I have never watched “Lost’, but I do play in SL. And one of the things I’m always fascinated with is the ability to build and create things from the single basic building block in SL known as ‘the primitive’ or just ‘ prim’. Each thing in SL is made up of a combination of prims – from the smallest piece of jewelry to the biggest building or tree. If you’re really lucky, something can be one prim, but on an average they start at 3 or 4 and go up into 50’s or 60’s or even the 100’s. And then each and every prim has to be colored or textured or both before it’s combined into the larger project. And then those textures have to be created off-line in something like Photoshop or Paintshop and uploaded into SL, and so on and so on and ditto. You don’t even *what* to know how many prims and separate scripts my Australian Sheppard ‘Conner’ is.

For example, here are shots of the front and back of my current house. The house itself is 55 prims [and that’s not much for something this big and complex] and about 5 different, separate scripts that control the doors and the transparency of the ‘window/walls. And that's just the house. not the steps or porch, the prayer flags on the front, the cat in the basket, etc. Just the walls, the floor and the roof.

View from the front yard.

View from the back yard.

Each area can only support so many prims – there are limits. The SL Servers can only handle so much in one given area. So when you buy/rent land, you have limits to deal with. This house is approx ¼ of the total allotment for the corner lot [I lave two lots side by side and can lump the total together].

Anyway, back to “Lost”.

As the article at the end of the URL I’m giving you states, a bunch of “Lost” fans decided they want to reproduce the island and create a place where fans could come and discuss things in SL. As sometimes happens, good ideas go in the crapper and the person who physical owned the land [well, he was renting server space from SL, but in-world that’s the same thing] disappeared. Since the owner could not be found, Linden Labs reclaimed the island. They did, however, open things up for one day so folks could come back and reclaim their works.

I’m sharing this because I am constantly amazed what folks can create with vision, a will and a few colored block stuck together.

Go. Watch the Vid. And enjoy.

Oh, and if you happen to be on SL some time, just look for Tmayla Rotaru – a 4 ft. something ginger cat who’s currently living in a Japanese style house, building a new Koi pond and shopping way too much.


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