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I love some of the custom art that comes to me.
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Yep, it's a hypospray and yep, it's a prop. But it's special for two reasons.

#1: it's not a 'commercial' prop. By that I mean it isn't currently a mass produced item. I didn't buy it from a toy company or prop company like

#2: It was a gift 'of the heart' from a shipmate, Scott Nakada, who makes custom props for sale [and some for to resell] from his store . Scott knew I've always wanted one and it was going to be a project we were going to work on together [he was teaching me how to design, mold, cast and paint props], but a relocation move came up suddenly and I thought we'd never get to it. At the last ship's meeting I was able to attend, he gave this to me.

I finially found the camera and snapped a quick picture. Believe me, the picture doesn't do it justice.

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I just spent the last 6+ hours at a friend's place learning and implementing neat new skills: mixing, tinting and pouring resin into molds, working with pressure chambers designed to compress the bubbles in said molds so the end result won't be bubble ridden, trimming, hand sanding and filling any bubble holes with moldable resin, etc. Covered basic machine sanding, painting, etc. Tomorrow? More fun with molds, sanding, filling bigger defects, painting, etc.

What was I doing, you may ask? I was learning to make hand held Star Trek props and prop parts: hand phaser, PADDs, comm badges, etc. Like these.

Some will be going out for a charity auction for 'Make A Wish' and some are for sale through said friend's home business [already completed prop pieces or prop kits] - XScape Props. Between Scott's props and Peter's costuming [Outworld Sutlery has merged with XScape Props], I can indulge my fan-girl geekiness to my heart's content. And find out for myself just how many of nit-picky hours of hand work go into crafting these things. My own pet learning project, using a mold that Scott has already made, is a PADD similar to this. Today was casting and hole filling. Tomorrow will be back filling, finish sanding and, hopefully, the first of what may well be 7 to 12 coats of paint finish. Scott does all of his own graphic inserts, so that's not something I have to figure out.

At least right now.

Hopefully I'll get a chance someday to learn mold making and some of the other aspects of this. But for right now, I'm perfectly happy to be learning how to make some of the magic we get to see on the big and little 'screen' from one of the pros.
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Echoing this on from [ profile] cofax7's LJ. Stills from the new Trek movie.

I think my own Starfleet ship's XO Peter Christian makes better uniforms [Outworld Sutlery] and another ship's member, Scott Nakada [Xscape Props] makes the greatest props. That's not just me making yummy sounds, BTW. Tim Russ [ST:Voyager - Tuvok] & the rest of the cast and crew of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men agree too.

Peter wore multiple hats on this: associate producer, art director & costume design. Likewise Scott: assistant art director and props master.

My ship, for those who might be interested, is the USS Thermopylae NCC-74703, an Intrepid class starship out of Starfleet International Region 5. She's a great ship and is also the home base for the 503rd Marine Strike Group, 4th Battalion, 5th Brigade, 3rd Marine Division of the Starfleet Marine Corp. I have the privilege and honor to serve both organizations - I'm a commissioned Fleet officer and hold a reserve commission in the Corps.

Basically we get together, have fun, share ideas, do community service work and generally don't take ourselves 'real life' seriously as some fans and fan groups do. I may take the time and post more about SFI and 'Of Gods and Men' at some time in the future, but this post's main point is aimed at the new movie.
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The Dr. Who 3rd season episode "Blink:" took this year's Hugo Award for best TV episode. Hugo Awards.

Sadly, "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men" did not take best fan production. BUMMER! I have a soft spot for this production considering there are members of my Starfleet ship, the USS Thermopylae [Peter Christian and Scott Nakada], who are part of the production team.

We was gypped. :{
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The Trekkie Test
ranks me as a(n) Captain

The Trekkie Test -- Create and Take a Fun Quiz @'s User Tests!

trekkiness: 151

What does it mean?

You are a Trekkie, through and through! You know the series, the movies, the literature, the science, and you are proud of it! You are probably saving up to buy your own starship! You are part of a vast community of Trekkies, and you're loving it! Congratulations!

Hummm... somehow I doubt there's a promotion in my future.


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