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Some of you know I'm a member of SFI [STARFLEET International] which is a Star Trek Fan Club. SFI has a subsidiary group called the Star Fleet Marine Corps [SFMC] for those of us with a bit more martial bent.

Well, SFI just had it's once every three years election for the new Commander STARFLEET / Vice Commander STARFLEET. Part of the whole election process with the new incoming CS is the selection of a new Command Staff for both SFI and the SFMC. Change of Command takes place on 1 Jan, 2011. There are several different positions, but the ones I'll focus on are in the Marine side of the house.

We have a new SFMC Commandant and said new 'Dant will have his own new Staff. Various positions are things like TRACOM [TRAining COMmand - manages the SFMC Academy], INFOCOM [INFOmation COMmand - manages communication systems, etc], FINCOM [FINance COMmand] and FORCECOM [FORCEs COMmand - responsible for the day to day operation of the SFMC: awards, etc]. Each of these positions have a Deputy Officer [DCO] to help share the wealth the workload.

Long story short: starting 1 Jan, I'll be DCOFORCECOM [Deputy Commanding Officer FORCes COMmand], which is a General Staff position.

From a brand new munchie in Fleet the end of 2006 to one of the 'right up there' positions in the SFMC in 4 years.

I hope I know what I've let myself in for. Guess I'll find out come Jan.
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Echoed from [ profile] 61803 on [ profile] ontd_startrek

KPCC - Southern California Public Radio - is playing LA theater works' War of the Worlds starring Leonard Nimoy, Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner and more! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?
Tonight at 10 PST, listen live online here: . It'll also be up for the next week for free here: .
Get some popcorn and your favorite snuggly blanket and get ready for the Martians to land.
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Star Trek fans, did you know you can help choose the wake up music for the next two shuttle flights? Well you can. But you have to act fast. The next flight - STS-133 - is due to launch Monday, 1 Nov. and one of the options offered is the original "Star Trek" theme song by Alexander Courage. Right now it's in first place, but by a *very* slim margin.

Go to: Vote for the Star Trek Theme Song here.

You can vote more than once so like they used to say iun Chicago "Vote early. Vote often."
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I can *not* believe I've missed watching this! $h*! My Dad Says The Shat is perfect for this, the dialog is great and his delivery of it's perfect. The innuendos aren't all that subtle, but they come in from so far out in left field you need Google Earth to figure out where they started from.

Here's another interesting interview with The Shat.

You gotta love a man who has little hats he put on his turnips to make sure they stay warm during the winter.
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Yes, I am a Trekkie, or Trekker or whatever we're bing called this week. Have been since the original series came out in the 60's. And I have always had an interest in some of the more little known of the 'main' races. By 'main', I mean the ones that have back story and plot lines that thread throughout all the series, movies, books, etc. One of my primary areas of interest in STARFLEET International and the Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Marine Corps Academy has been the Romulans. One of these days I need to sit down and figure out what I want to do for my 'high level' paper on them.

I considered myself lucky when I found an very good condition box set of "The Way of Dera" last year for *very* little. I mean something like $30 US for the three book set, posters, etc. Absolutely great references, etc.

Well, lightning strikes again. Just nailed a 'very good condition' set of FASA gaming books: "The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge" and "The Orions: Book of Deep Knowledge". And for less than the price listed here.

Woo Hoo!

There's a couple of other Romulan reference books I'd like to track down, maybe another one on the Orions. Now if only someone would write a reference book about the Caitians, I'd be very content.


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