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Every race. Every sex. Every age. Such beauty and compassion shines from each face.

This message applies to *everyone* who is having trials in their life, no matter what they are. Please go here and see it.

"It Gets Better: Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles "True Colors"

Please share. This is such a message of hope for everyone.
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Eat your heart out Richard Dean Anderson.

[Yes, I know the music is from 'MacGyver', but the cat's name is Steve McQueen, Artistic license, I'm sure.]

That is all...
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How the whole thing is supposed to work:

What happens when it doesn't:

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This is not work safe. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But it's worth every squeaky moment so make sure your speakers are on.

You were warned. Honest.

Besides, I blame [Bad username or site: hbruton. @]

EDIT: Here there be out takes.
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This Thanksgiving, give turkey the bird and try something different. Take a cue from the Deadliest Catch guys: get crabs.

Just what did you think I meant? :}
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This is all [ profile] fritters's fault. So since I can't get this out of my head now, I'm sharing this earworm with all of you.

Just in case that wasn't enough animated goodness as provided by these folks, here's this little gem.

And by God, I do think they mean it.
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Take an ad agency, add a flaky idea and a whole lot of chutzpa and you wind up with this:

Thank you, Skoda. THIS is how you do a car commercial.

If you're interested, check out the video on how they did it. There are more details there than the one minute ad could show, and it is AMAZING.

They got *paid* to do this which is totally not fair.

[This was found on the blog 'Cake Wrecks', in case anyone is interested]
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My recommendation is to watch this and enjoy. But you might want to put your drink down first.

Note: The actually singing was done by an acapella group called Moosebutter, but the vid was created with their approval.
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Ran across a request for a SGA vis search on [ profile] stargate_search and in my tracking that one down to see I ran across this. Please be warned, if you loved the character of Dr. Carson Beckett, grab the Kleenex before watching. It's that good.

'Carson's Letter', created by quietandsneaky

Sadly... thanks to MGM and TPTB, that is all ...
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*Thank* you Wil Wheaton! You just made my day. :}

Time, video taping equip, a bunch of legos and what may be a totally unhealthy fascination with 'The Simpson's'. But that last is left to you to make the call.

Note: For those who want to follow some pretty insightful writing random oddness, haul yourself over to Wil's blog WWiD: In Exile. It's well worth it.

That is all...
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Another vid featuring the hungry little line drawn cat.

Enjoy. :}

That is all...


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