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This is the third... no, fourth ... batch of snow this year. Got a big load around the 1st of this month [8-10" over a couple of days]. That had almost melted off when we got another inch or two several days ago. Than another inch a couple of days ago. And now it's doing it again. Great big flakes that are sticking all over the walks and driveway I just shoveled today.

The Weather Channel's website is saying:
Through 10pm: Light rain. The rain will come to an end by 7pm. Cloudy with temperatures steady near 34F. Winds light and variable.
[....... yeah ... right ...........]

I can't believe I used to look forward to this stuff. At least I got the Bali Baby more cat food today so I won't have to pull the 'Drive on really crappy, icy roads because she's down to 5 cans of 'Fancy Feast' thing again. She doesn't eat a lot at one setting, but she gets hungry every couple of hours and her tummy is so touchy that if the food sits out for any amount of time she barfs. And she won't touch it if it's cold. Which makes sense. Shes only got a few teeth left and an 18 year old nose. If it's not warmed up she really can't smell it.

But that ends up meaning I open several little cans a day.

And I can't leave kibble out anymore. Either she doesn't try to chew it at all or there's some ingredient in it, but the end result is chunky kitty puke and other lower GI effects.

So she has me securely wrapped around her little dew claw and the two boys reap the bennies of noshing on the left over canned gooshies - like they need the extra calories. [snort!]
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Seattle Metro Bus Route #43 . Just so the folks from out of the area are oriented to this, pretty much everything from 23rd Ave up and down to Downtown is on some sort of grade along with selected stretches of everything headed the other way.

To be fair, a lot of folks in this area really *can* drive in the snow. It's the whole sheet of non-stop black ice under it that tends to get them.

Oh really?

Nov. 9th, 2010 06:04 pm
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They say "It" should only happen in the morning.

They say "It" should be gone by noon.

They say "It" is going to be the first of this season.

They say it's going to snow.

Oh ... joy.
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The first 'freeze warning' of the impending Fall/Winter. A month ago it was in the high 90's with lows in the 70's. Today it hit 64F with tonight slated to hit 32-34F here.

Crud! I *still* have a garden full of Cherry tomatoes out there. I hope they make it through the freeze so I can deal with them tomorrow.
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Two days ago it was 104 F. Now it's 64 F with lows tonight expected in the 40's.

And it's not yet September.

: {
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Okay, maybe not quite *this* bad, but it's almost 1930 MDT [7:30 PM] and it's finally dropped to 98 F at the nearest mini-weather station to where I am. However, it *was* 104 F a couple of days ago here in the SW Treasure Valley, Idaho area. I live in dread of the 'hot season' [middle August to middle September].

'Liberated' from [ profile] ysabetwordsmith who found it on 'myth_adventure's dreamwidth account.


Mar. 30th, 2010 12:03 pm
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It. Is. Snowing.

WTF, Over?

Just thought I'd share. Glad I didn't plant anything yet.
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I'm done with winter now. I shoveled on Friday once, Saturday twice and today once. We're talking a giant driveway [room for four cars depending on how you park them, back yard sidewalk, front walkway and the front sidewalk. It takes about an hour and a half or so to do the full circuit. My 'El-Cheepo Wall-of-Mart On Sale for $10.00' snow boots decided to start leaking today and VA has yet to send me my thumb splint for my sprained L thumb.

I think I'm just going to go snivel for a while. After I change clothes and warm up.
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This morning the cats got me up early because 'things weren't right' outside. Understandable since it took me about and hour plus to shovel 2+ inches of 'there's only a *very* slight chance of a flake or two over night, but no chance of any accumulation' off the front and back walk way and steps, the huge driveway, the sidewalk and my neighbor's sidewalk.

One thing I've learned: the Western Washington weather fore guessers were a lot more accurate than the ones here in the Treasure Valley/Boise Idaho area.

At that time - 0930 - it was 17 F now with a projected high of 27 F.

It's currently 2215 and it's 8 F with a projected 0 - 1 F tonight.

Okay, I know, it's Idaho and it's supposed to be cold, but Sweet Christos, couldn't we just kinda ease into this whole winter stuff?

................ ick ? .............................
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Okay, yes, I know I'm now living in an area that can be described as 'high desert' and I understand that it can get cold. Certainly colder than the Puget Sound region of my birth. But Sweet Crispy Crackers, what's with this 'lows expected to 16-20 for most of this week' crud? I knew they weather would be different, but there's 'winter' and then theres 'If I stand on my tip toes, I can see the leading edge of the glacier about 6 blocks down the street from me'.

Definitely need to remember to hit the various thrift shops in town for tops, pants, maybe another coat and Wal-Mart or somewhere for some shoes. Used clothing I don't mind, but my feet have been pretty abused by a lot of years on them and second-hands often don't cut it. And between age, health issues, etc. I don't want to run the risk of buggering up my feet any more than they are.
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Things are hitting the fall wet season back in Washington as shown by the following online video. Pumpkins floating in Skokomish River.

I mean, a *serious* metric crapload of floating squash.
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There is *white stuff* floating down out of the sky!

Come *on*, world... it's not even November yet.

I don't care what the weather guessers are saying, I'm planning on a long, wet, white winter.

That is all..
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Ten days ago the day temp was in the mid 90's F and today? 55 F. And it's supposed to hit the mid 30's at night the next couple of nights with the probability of 40 mph winds down here in Treasure Valley and of 1-3 " snow in the higher ups.

The weather today was just wacko. It was 75F @0700 and down to 57F by 1100.

Come on, Idaho - it's not even October yet.


Time to find the flannels...

Say wha?!?

Aug. 6th, 2009 12:46 pm
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Just as I was sorta getting used to the 95-100+ F weather during the day, right now it's around 70 F, windy and raining. An area northwest from us [the Eagle area] are expecting 1-2" of rain in an hour.  There's a town/area northeast from us now [Stanley] under a tornado warning [meaning that's an active warning, not a 'just watch for'] with winds up to 60 mph and golf ball size hail and the potential for an actual tornado for at least another 30".

And literally just now, my county [Canyon County] is under a 'severe thunderstorm watch' and a 'flash flood watch', meaning it could happen so be on the lookout.

What's interesting is the weather last night only gave us a 30-50% chance of 'weather'.  Tomorrow is up to 50-70%.

Oh joy, oh bliss.

Edit: Update. 63 F currently with the temp doing the 'dropping thing' into evening and night. Still under a 'severe thunderstorm watch' and a 'flash flood watch' with probable 100% chance of wet tonight [well *DUH!* since it's raining right now] with expected total of over 1 inch of measurable precip for a 24 hour period here in my little part of Idaho.

But than again, the thunder and lightning are cool...
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Washington State DOT road closure info - 8 Jan 09

Go check out the PDF - it's fascinating in the same way an impending train-bus wreck is fascinating.

Order a pizza. Scope out the movie channel on TV. If you live in the Everett-Olympia Metroplex area just plan on staying around home this weekend.
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It's currently 52 degrees F. We're looking at more rain, though hopefully not as much as the last couple of day. But the weather folks don't know for sure. They're saying 'drying and sun breaks' tomorrow. I hope so. Some places got 6-8 inches over the last 2 days. And the wind has finally died down. It's only 10 mph right now, where it was 25-30 with gusts up to 50 mph last night. But that wind driven wet has to go somewhere.

And what that means is the state has 17+ rivers in Western Washington that are coming up to or have reached flood state. We talking like 6 feet + above flood stage.

We got major roads not just washed out, but flooded - Hwy 101 for example. We've got sandbagging going on right and left. Schools have let kids out early so they can get home and pack to leave if they have to. Or help fill sandbags. We've had small dams let go. The Red Cross is opening shelters, supply dumps and feeding stations all over [no phone call to me yet, but we'll see as the evening progresses]. LEO and Fire Depts are mounting rescue ops everywhere they can.

And that's not counting landslide warnings as the soil gets supersaturated.

And it's only the second week of Nov, folks. We still have a whole winter rain/freeze season ahead of us.

This isn't quite as bad as 'The Big One' in 2006 where the main N/S Freeway in this area, Interstate-5, had parts under water for days. Where significant parts of Mt. Rainier Park's roads were washed out or washed away. And hopefully we won't have a repeat windstorm like the one later that same year in Dec where winds hit 60 mph+, temps dropped down into the low 30's - high 20's and some folks lost power for a week or so [mine was out for 3+ days].

But the National Weather Service and the local news networks are already pushing winter disaster preparedness.

May I just say in advance: if this happens, it's gonna suck!

I really don't want to have to put my Red Cross and CERTtraining into use. I really don't.

But if this post has made you think a bit, here are several links with disaster check sheets and the like. Better safe than pissed off and sorry.

Federal Emergency Management Agency: FEMA
American Red Cross: ARC Disaster Preparedness Guide - cruise the links on the left hand side.
And don't forget your pets: Pet Prepare

Not only do I have two different disasters kits here ar home [one for 'bunker in place' and one for evac], but the cats have their own backpack as well. And their carries will stack and lash to the furnature dolly so I can load them and move them out all at once if I have to.
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And here I thought we [the Puget Sound Metroplex] was finally going to see summer.

Guess not.

NOAA is saying the night time lows may get down into the low 30's - high 20's this weekend and there's a good possibility of snow.

So... the herb plants that are beginning to thrive on the back porch will be coming in - again.

It's April 17th, for frack sake. This is getting more than a bit odd.
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Made the flight out of Denver yesterday and had clear weather the whole way. Even got in 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

Thursday in Limon, Colorado it was somewhere near -10 degrees F taking in account the potential wind chill, winds of 35-40 gusting to 50 mph and snow to the point you couldn't see across the parking lot. Today here [Saturday] in Tacoma, Washington it's clear from horizon to horizon, currently 73 degrees F with maybe 1 mph of wind max and the mountains on both sides [Mt. Rainier and the Olympic range] are so clear you could touch them.

Life, she is odd like that.


Mar. 29th, 2008 07:42 pm
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Just had a friend call. It's snowing North of here and is almost whiteout conditions on I-5 right now.

March! It's late March!

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And it's snowing. Again.

It's March 28th, 8+ days after Spring officially sprung. I'm at, maybe, 100 feet above sea level so I should have a good land/water effect to mellow out the weather and temp. And it's snowing and it's sticking. And the KING-5 TV Weather Being is saying this will last well on into the weekend.

I think I finally figured out why this is all happened. Ya see, I bought three big pots of herbs at Trader Joe's a couple of days ago and repotted them in the hopes that I might break my 'black thumb' curse. So I now have rosemary, spearmint, savory, oregano, lavender and thyme that I have to make sure goes out on a makeshift shelf in front of the apartment for at least part of the day so they get some light and then I have to bring them back in and find a place to put them so the cats won't get them at night so they don't freeze.

Sorry Puget Sound. Me bad.


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