Mar. 14th, 2011

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Well, at least my 'Neighbors over the back fence' [vrs, 'The Guy who lives next door'] weren't asshats when I came rocketing out of the house trying to identify what sounded like a string of gunshots in my backyard. Evidently it's not illegal to set off ground based fireworks within the city limits of where I live. After I ID'd myself and mentioned that I was only checking because 1 - I'm an old combat vet and 2 - I used to live up on Hilltop in Tacoma [where you not only hear gunshots, but you get to where you can id the direct, the probable caliber and type of weapon], they were all cool about it and apologized if they had disturbed me. In fact one guy said he'd grown up in S. California and understood completely.

No biggie. I'm good so long as I know what it is. But I've been over here over a year and a half now and gun shots are really rare. I'd kinda got out of the 'duck and ID' reflex.

In other news, I have snowdrops coming up in the flower beds and back patio lawn. I hope they can cope - we supposed to drop back into the low 30's later this week. But I really like this little glimpse of Spring.


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