Apr. 8th, 2011

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I used to think +20Fwas cold, but I was in Western WA at the time. Here in SW Idaho, I don't even start to worry until it gets around the rating of my antifreeze [-40-ish]. But it's pretty nasty when the wind kicks up. You can tell there's not much between the mountain ranges and where I am in the valley here: the Blues in Oregon to the West, the Owyhees to the South, the Seven Devils to the North and the Sawtooth Range to the East [all of which are part of the Rockies in some fashion]. You get the wind coming down out of the mountains and through the valley here and the wind chill will drop the temp by 10-20 degrees.

You look forward to snow because that means you've got a cloud cover and it may warm up a bit.

I've also had to adjust to the whole 'high prairie desert/plain' thing where it may be 75F during the day and drop to the 30's at night.


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