Aug. 17th, 2011

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I support the concept of "Friends don't let friends sing karaoke". I mean, there should be a 'Karaoke 12 Step Support Group' out there if there isn't one already.

There's something just evil about a concept that takes what may well be a good song, totally distorts it's lyrical phrasing and timing, tosses it out on a computer screen, tries to back it with a melody line that bears scant resemblance to the original and then expects otherwise intelligent individuals to drop about 25+IQ points, get up with a beer in hand [usually a cheap one] and suddenly try to channel their inner 'Sting', 'Grateful Dead', Helen Reddy, Neil Diamond or some such.

I mean ... really!

FWIW: I've tried it. Once. At this year's Region 5 STARFLEET Summit after several classes of something that I can only describe as 'pink'. The fact before this happened fellow SFI members kept plying me with glasses of this stuff and the bartender didn't want to tell me what all went into it should have raised big red flags right there.

If *any* photos of that humiliating incident should ever turn up on the intrawebz, I will artificially induce heat on a juvenile targ and ship it UPS to the offender.

FWIW2: I am a musician. Out of practice, true, but one non the less. I also have near perfect pitch and rhythm. I think this right there explains why karaoke and I do not see eye to ocular organ.


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