Oct. 7th, 2011

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Currently some evangelical Christian Republicans are saying "Don't vote for Mitt Romney because he's a Morman and Mormonism is a Cult! They aren't 'Real Christians!''

Okay - got a quick question of the Intrawebz Masses out there.

We already know [because networks like Fox, etc. are telling us at the top of their lungs] that Jews, Muslims, etc aren't Christians and shouldn't have any positions of power in the US Government because only 'Right and True Christians' should direct this 'One Country, Under God'. In fact that is such a 'Clear Truth' that they don't even need to bring it up except to drag up old and inaccurate comments about Obama being a 'Closet Muslim'. And if I hear one more 'Stanch Republican' quote that the First Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Jay [December 12, 1745 – May 17, 1829] said that 'only a staunch Christian should hold the reigns of government' [paraphrased because I can't find the bleeping quote right now] I shall surely scream!

Dude, the guy was part of the early US and considered himself a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America. I was brought up Protestant and believe me, they are some of the least Evangelical folks around.

But on to my major 'Thought For Today'.

What about Catholics? I notice the Talking Heads are steering way clear of that subject.

Here's an interesting list of affiliations of the population of the US: Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life / U.S. Religious Landscape Survey. Please note that Catholics make up roughly 23-25% of the religious affiliations in the US.

Here's a pdf with a more complete breakdown from the same site: PDF - Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life / U.S. Religious Landscape Survey

And of course, it's not a *real* survey unless you too Wiki in there somewhere.: Religion in the United States

And besides, I love graphics.:

The reason I ask is currently I'm living in an area that is pretty much split between main line Christian and Catholic and I can't help but think of the uproar if/when someone other then me makes the connection that they too may be part of the 'unloved'.

So... anybody in Canada/Australia/New Zealand got a spare room I can bunk in until I get my visa and transfer my residence properly? I figure since I'm a 'split color' off the pie chart [yellow-orange - Pagan with Buddhists leanings], I might as well start scoping things out now before all shit breaks loose after the elections next year.

And that goes 'way past sad. I gave this country coming up on 60 years of my belief and support - 20+ of that in the US Army. But I refuse to have a narrow minded, bigoted group of 'My Version of God is the ONLY God Thou Shalt Have!' take control of what's left of my life.

NOTE: As pointed out ladyqkat below, tmy area is also *very* heavy LDS/SDA [Latter Day Saint/Mormon & Seventh Day Adventist]. Not ab ig surprise since the N/W Nazarene University is just down the freeway. I didn't omit that particular group because they don't count in this area. But since the 'Republican Right' has already declared them to be 'cultists', I didn't enter them into my equation. Not an oversight and not a slight by any means.


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